Obama joins Biden in backing same sex marriage

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It’s taken two years of allowing his position to “evolve” but US President Barack Obama came out with it Wednesday evening 9 May: he now supports same sex marriages, he told ABC news, saying that he’s always believe “gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly, and equally”. Vice-president Joe Biden said […]

Iowa youth stars on growing up with gay parents

Zach Wahl, a 19-year-old engineering student in Iowa, is quickly becoming a YouTube star following his testimony in Des Moines, at the state capitol, about growing up as the child of a lesbian couple, one of the country’s first test-tube babies of a lesbian mother. Wahl made a passionate plea for lawmakers to not approve […]

Argentina paves way for same-sex marriage

Argentina’s Senate voted 33 – 27, with three abstentions, to permit gays to get married legally. The bill was supported by left-of-centre President Cristina Fernandez, whose government is under pressure in the polls. Mexico City’s tourism office announced that it would pay an all-expenses paid vacation to the first Argentine gay couple married. A justice […]

State of Maine approves same-sex marriage law

Governor John E. Baldacci of Maine, US signed a same-sex marriage bill into law Wednesday 6 May, making him the first governor in the country to approve gay marriage without being forced by a court decision. New Hampshire approved their gay-marriage law the same day making a total of five states in the New England […]