Ban demand for killer sandblasting process for faded jeans

Shanaj, who stays at home as a housewife is teaching the children of garment workers on the roof of a house. She only charges 200-300 taka a month. Most garment workers do not make enough money to send their children to school. August 2009, Dhaka, Bangladesh (photos, CCC / Jasmina Akhtar)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The sandblasting process used to fashionably fade jeans carries severe health risks and companies are not doing enough to end the deadly practice, says Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC), The group in a report called “Deadly Denim”, released 29 March in Geneva, calls for a worldwide ban. The report highlights what it calls severe […]

N. Germany autobahn pileup, 8 dead, due to sandstorm

At least 8 people have died with close to 100 people reportedly injured, some very seriously, following a highly unusual sandstorm that struck the A19 autobahn near Rostock, in N. Germany, Friday. The dark wall of debris was apparently due to a mix of sand, dirt from freshly plowed fields, dry weather and high winds, […]