Time to go flower shopping, at last!

My singing tree is a wise teller of time GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – My main criterion for the date when I can safely shop for plants, especially blooms for my garden is the flowering of the 112-year-old apple tree, a wise old thing. We pruned it radically 10 years ago, since no one had done it […]

Holiday shopping ideas from the GenevaLunch team (update)


(Correction: Claudio Carollo below) GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – January sales are now on, but many people are still on holiday, so why not combine great prices and extra time with family and friends – and take along a special gift. We’re leaving some of our Christmas shopping suggestions here because special offers are making several of […]

Gardeners: time to shop for grasses

Someone asked me recently for advice on what plants to grow in the Alps, in mountainous areas. I’m still reflecting on this and will write about it later, but two things came to mind immediately, because they have been so easy to grow: pumpkins, which love to run down a slope, and wild grasses, which […]