Yoga it is, little fella!


LAUSANNE / ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss high court has ruled that the parents of a small boy were out of line in saying their son should not have to take part in his kindergarten class’s yoga course. The parents went to court over the issue as a matter of religious faith, saying that their […]

Easter traffic: plan now to avoid the crush on Swiss roads


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Federal Highway Office has issued its annual Easter vacation and spring holidays traffic warnings. Switzerland sits at the centre of European’s north-south routes and the rush to head towards warm, sunny beaches has an impact on roads that will be saturated with Swiss travelers. The detailed list of dates and […]

Special needs children: ASK has answers

The non-profit organization All Special Kids, ASK, helps families of children with all kinds of special needs, from gifted to attention deficit disorders, autism to dyspraxia or dyslexia. ASK provides seminars, after-school homework support, drama and social skills workshops, kids and teens clubs, spring and summer camps. It also helps parents find the right school for their child, organize […]

Payerne students evacuate after vacuum cleaner burns

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Some 350 students unexpectedly had a free hour, but out in the chilly November air Wednesday morning after an industrial vacuum cleaner caught fire at a school in Payerne, canton Vaud. The machine filled the Derrière la Tour secondary school with smoke at 08:30 and students were ordered to leave. An hour […]

Wednesday likely to become school day in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva is the only canton where children up to age 12 don’t attend school on Wednesday morning, but this is likely to change in 2013. The cantonal government Thursday evening 26 May voted 56 to 22, with 4 abstaining, in favour of having school Wednesday morning, in part to bring the canton […]

Geneva family files complaint after 12-yr-old’s sexual assault

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A 12-year-old girl in the Geneva area was forced to commit fellatio by a group of youths, two of whom she knew from school, last Friday 4 February, and the family has pressed charges, reports the Tribune de Geneve. The girl and a friend were returning from a party when they […]

Four Bern students arrested in Berlin for assault

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – In the third such incident in two years, a group of Swiss students have been arrested for violence while on a school trip abroad. Four young men, age 18, were arrested by police in Berlin, Germany after knocking down a couple and stealing money and a cell phone from them. Police […]

The perfect anti-wolf music is ?

(Chinese video) Well, we aren’t sure. Spiegel in Germany says “Overcome” by American band Creed, but Ria Novosti in Russia says it was “thrash band Megadeth”. Whatever the music, that plus flailing arms and loud shouts scared off four wolves that a 13-year-old Norwegian boy came across on his way home from school 20 January. […]

Besancon children safely home after hostage crisis

Besancon, France (GenevaLunch) – The French town of Besancon, near the Swiss border, is breathing more easily early Tuesday after 20 young children and their teacher, taken hostage at 08:30 at their school, returned home safely, with no one injured. A 17-year-old was arrested after holding a small group of the four- to six-year-olds hostage. […]

Update: Wisconsin hostage-taking student dies in hospital

Samuel Hengel, the 15-year-old student in Marinette, Wisconsin, north of Green Bay in the US, who held then released 24 hostages and then shot and injured himself, died in hospital 30 November. His parents said in a statement that they were “devastated and heartbroken” at the events, but had no idea why it happened. When […]