Higgs-Boson likelihood grows stronger

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Scientists from Cern officially presented their latest findings on the long-sought Higgs-Boson Thursday at a conference, saying that the massive amount of data treated since the “discovery” particle was announced in July 2012 makes it appear increasingly likely that this is a Higgs boson. “The preliminary results with the full 2012 data […]

Supersymmetry and decay: the death of a giant Cern hope?

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The BBC carries a major science story Monday 12 November, on the possible death at Cern in Geneva of hopes for “supersymmetry”, also known as Susy. “SUSY has gained popularity as a way to explain some of the inconsistencies in the traditional theory of subatomic physics known as the Standard Model. The […]

EPFL genetics professor wins Latsis prize


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Professor Jacques Fellay at one of EPFL’s life sciences laboratories has been awarded the prestigious 2012 Swiss National Latsis Prize for his work in determining that genetic profiles are a key to avoiding undesirable side effects in patients given HIV drug treatments. The Swiss National Science Foundation, in announcing the award, says […]

Geneva with kids: The mini-hydroelectric power station

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Here’s a resource for those of you with kids in town this summer. Take them for a free tour of the mini-hydroelectric power station in Vessy, canton Geneva. Inaugurated in May 2007, the “micro-hydro,” as is known in French, is powered by two turbines that coupled with a few generators produce 1.7 […]

Fundamental particle discovered (Chappatte cartoon)


©2012 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based Patrick Chappatte works for the International Herald Tribune, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps, and for NZZ am Sonntag. All cartoons reproduced with permission.

Solar Impulse heads for Morocco Tuesday, weather permitting

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND -Bertrand Piccard is scheduled to fly Solar Impulse, entirely solar-powered airplane, to Rabat-Salé in Morocco Tuesday 5 June, if the weather holds. He will take off at 05:30 from Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain, where the plane has been on a technical layover since it landed last week. The prototype plane is expected to […]

Red meat will kill you, or will it?

How to read scientific studies Newspapers love scientific studies. It gives them the opportunity to promote big bold headlines. Usually telling us that something is about to kill us and the world is on the verge of disaster. The Daily Mail in the UK is the master of such scare stories. Some recent gems have […]

Swiss Mother’s day is coming up: give her anti-stress dark chocolate

The Tristan chocolate, a Swiss delight

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – We’ve all suspected it and now Nestlé researchers tell us it is true: a nibble of dark chocolate a day reduces our stress level. A research team that looked at the biochemical basis for what many of us like to consider comfort food found “strong evidence that a daily consumption of 40 […]

Lausanne astrophysicists succeed in measuring black holes


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – It takes a black hole to: measure another black hole, it turns out. Researchers at the EPFL polytechnic in Lausanne have been using, for the past two years, what they call “supermassive black holes acting as gravitational lenses” to measure, for the first time, other black holes. Scientists at the university’s laboratory […]

Speed of lightning probably not overtaken, says Cern

New information on neutrinos backs suspicions earlier measurements were somehow flawed GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Physicists can relax a bit this weekend, with Cern’s latest statement on the hubbub surrounding 2011 measurements taken in Italy that appeared to show the first serious deviation from Einstein’s law of relativity. Cern, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, startled […]