Denmark’s 8,000 WWII mines removed – beaches open as country mine-free

Skallingen beach opens again - Photo Danish Coastal Authority

Nordic countries on board the landmine ban GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Denmark 5 July announced it had cleared the last of its minefields, a legacy of the second world war, just a few days after Finland’s formal accession to the landmine ban treaty. Denmark’s 8,000 landmines were left in the Skallingen peninsula during the war, at […]

Ben Bella, Algeria’s first president, dies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Algeria’s first president, Ahmed Ben Bella, died Wednesday 11 April at the age of 93, in Alger, a few days after the country marked the 50th anniversary of its independence from France. Ben Bella joined the anticolonialist resistance after serving during the Second World War in the Free French forces in Europe. […]

Three Germans killed by WW2 bombs, six injured

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Three people working to defuse a second world war bomb were killed and another six who were involved in the job in central Germany were injured Tuesday, reports AFP. The news agency says four bombs have been found in Berlin in the past month, pointing to the frequency with which old […]

Man, 90, faces 58 Nazi era murder charges

Adolf Storms, age 90, has been charged with the murder of 58 people in the final days of the second world war, in northern Germany. A court in Duisberg, western Germany, has brought the charges against the man, a former SS member, who is accused of taking a group of forced labourers to the woods […]