Thanks for the Cosmo years, Helen

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The last paycheck I received from Cosmopolitan came while I was living in Switzerland, five years after I stopped writing about lust, sex, single girls and other hot Cosmo Girl topics, having moved on to motherhood and less sexy wet diapers. It was a $300 check for the Hungarian Cosmo reprint rights, […]

My heart beats for you, thank goodness


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Sex and the threatened male heart are increasingly being studied, but more could be done to see the impact of sex on the hearts of women with heart conditions and the elderly, according to the American Heart Association. The group says in a statement 8 February that according to a new scientific […]

Women, who earn 20% less in Switzerland, fail to show up for strike


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It was mostly work as usual for women in Switzerland 14 June, a day marked for a strike to protest the 20 percent less that women earn, across the board. Small groups gathered in several places and some of them notably blew pink whistles at 14:06 to mark the 20th anniversary of […]

Berlusconi prostitute trial starts, stops

Italy’s Berlusconi in court circus is under way, with one of the four court cases in which he is a defendant opening, then adjourning today, the first in what is widely expected to be a series of legal maneuvers. The BBC reports that about 20,000 pages will be reviewed as part of the case where […]

Novartis to pay out $250 million for discrimination

Punitive damages may be highest ever employment discrimination verdict cost for a company in the US New York, NY, USA (GenevaLunch) – Novartis, Basel-based pharmaceuticals company, has been ordered by a judge in Manhattan to pay $250 million in punitive damages to 5,600 women in an American division of the company. Earlier this week Novartis […]

International sports, France & football: “hooker” has her say


She isn’t a bar or curb-side girl, but 2,000 euros a night is okay, says Zahia Paris, France (GenevaLunch) – Football and sex: it’s the magic formula in the French media today, with all the world wanting the details Le Monde (now archived, available for a fee) obtained about how Zahia D, who is being […]

And the verdict is: homicide (Stern murder trial)

Update 18:05  Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch, agencies and other media) – Cécile Brossard, the murderer of Edouard Stern, has been found guilty by a jury in Geneva of homicide for killing her lover 28 February 2005. The jury will  decide Thursday on her sentence, up to 20 years in prison.

Around the world, it’s the silly season for news

Updated 23:35 with Kenyan man biting snake It’s the silly season for news again. Here are some of the latest shenanigans we human beings are up to, some worthy, some less so, some just plain intriguing. Switzerland looks relatively calm compared to the rest of the world. A woman driving a convertible in Olten, Switzerland, […]

Illegal sex among the young: new investigation in Jura

Delémont, Jura (RSR, Fre) – A second judicial investigation in the space of a week into young teenager girls being forced to have sex has come to light, this time a 14-year-old who appears to have been practicing fellatio on a group of boys close to her age.

British couple to be jailed for romp on Dubai beach

A British man and woman in the thirties have been found guilty and sentenced to three months in jail each for an encounter they say involved only kissing and hugging on a beach in Dubai, after they met at a champagne party in Dubai. A judge found them guilty of having unmarried sex; the charges […]