Man who killed 3 near Lucerne was attacked by fellow worker

Investigation: still unclear if he was shot or committed suicide in final moments GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The man who killed three fellow workers at Kronospan in Menznau near Lucerne died after he was attacked by a colleague who tried to subdue him, but aspects of those final moments are unclear, including whether he committed suicide […]

Poachers in upper Valais guilty of illegal shooting, arms trafficking


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A gang of 13 poachers in the area of Naters, in the Goms Valley, canton Valais, have been found guilty of a number of charges, bringing to a close an investigation that started in 2011, says Valais police. Two of the hunters, ages 21 to 66, were charged with illegally shooting, out […]

One of people wounded by Lucerne shooter dies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One of the seven people injured in a shooting in Menznau, canton Lucerne Wednesday has died, bringing the number of dead to four, including the gunman. Five people remain in serious condition. Police are remaining close-mouthed about the shooting, including the motive and details about the weapon used, as they carry out […]

Breaking news: Lucerne shooting: deaths, critically wounded (update 4)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police in Lucerne have now confirmed at a press conference that three people died, including the gunman, during a shooting at 09:00 Wednesday 27 February and seven others are injured. Six of them are in serious condition. The gunman, a 42-year-old Swiss man who is reported to have recently suffered from psychiatric […]

Police cleared in September Montreux shooting death

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Canton Vaud’s attorney general has closed the file on the shooting death 20 September 2012 of a man who was killed after a high-speed chase. The investigation showed that police officers acted legitimately and in self-defense when they opened fire on the man, who had tried to evade them. He pulled out […]

Man shoots and kills 3, injures 2 in Conthey, Valais (update 8)

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Correction: assult rifle was not used GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Three people have died and two were injured at the hands of a 33-year-old man in the village of Daillon, Conthey commune, in canton Valais Wednesday night 2 January. The man, whose identity has not been released by police (standard procedure in Switzerland), began shooting from […]

Martigny shootout murderer gets reduced sentence: 11 years

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A man who shot and killed another in May 2010 in a street shootout in Martigny has seen his sentence for voluntary manslaughter reduced from 13 to 11 years, with the court agreeing there were “attenuating circumstances”. The man, from Cape Verde, had been involved for weeks in a series of fights […]

Man shot to death in W Lausanne

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 29-year-old Swiss man was shot to death Monday in Chavannes-près-Renens. Police found his body at 15:40 Monday after a witness phoned to say a man was lying in a garage on the rue de la Gare in the town west of Lausanne. He had been shot in the head several times, […]

Job layoff may have led to shooting deaths in Minneapolis

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Five people are dead and three others remain in critical condition with a fourth suffering lesser injuries after a shooting at Accent, a small signage company in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US late Thursday 27 September. A former employee told journalists that the gunman, who killed four people then shot himself in […]

Montreux police say dead man was Swiss, driving Russian car (update)

Dead man appeared menacing, with hunting rifle, but took no shots LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The circumstances remain murky for now, surrounding the high-speed chase and death by shooting of a man near the casino in Montreux in the early hours of Thursday. Police said at a press conference late in the morning that the person […]