Sierre 2012 deadly bus crash: new reports leave mystery intact (update 2)


Bus traveling at 99/100 before crash, driver made no calls GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The cause of the Sierre tunnel bus crash that killed 28 people 13 March 2012 remains a mystery, with the publication Thursday 31 January of the latest reports, on the driver’s background and phone call records, and on the path traveled by […]

Parker team wakes up to Swiss wines (update)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Those of us who know Swiss wines knew the day would come when the Robert Parkers of the world would discover Helvetia’s rich and varied collection of wines; that day has arrived. Swiss wine researcher and author José Vouillamoz in 2011 invited David Schildknecht, a member of Parker’s wine reviewing team and […]

Programme for Vinea Swiss wines fair

Join GL editor and Swiss wine specialist Ellen Wallace for official guided visit and introduction to Swiss wines, limited to 15 persons! In cooperation with Vinea Details GENEVA / ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Vinea, Switzerland’s largest outdoor wine fair, runs on Friday and Saturday this year, 31 August and 1 September. The full programme is now […]

Wine tasting notes from Arvinis 2012, white wines

MORGES, SWITZERLAND – These are all posted on Ellen’s Wine World on Facebook, with photos, as individual wine tasting notes, but I’m adding them here as a reference, so people can search for them later. Noted in order of tasting: I started at the Swiss Wine Promotion guest of honour wines and selected 10 of […]

Valais police arrest arsonist – member of Sierre fire brigade

08.04.2012 - Sierre

SION, SWITZERLAND – A man in  his 20′s who is a member of the fire brigade in Sierre, canton Valais, is in jail after he admitted to setting a number of fires, mainly in the town. Police, with the cooperation of the fire department’s leaders, decided to take DNA samples from firefighters, on a voluntary […]

Rega 60th anniversary follows record year for rescues


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rega, Switzerland’s largest air rescue service, carried out a record 14,240 missions in 2011. These included 10,979 helicopter flights, or about 30 a day on average, which increased 5.7 percent over the previous year, says the company. The private organization is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2012. Rega’s rescues often involve emergency medical […]

Sierre bus accident: cause was not a DVD

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The possibility that the bus crash that killed 28 and injured 24 people in Sierre, Valais was caused by the driver handling a DVD has been ruled out by the chief investigator, Olivier Elsig. He and a team of investigators returned Friday 30 March to Switzerland from Belgium after interviewing several of […]

Sierre bus crash: three girls at Chuv out of danger

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The three girls at the Chuv university hospitals in Lausanne who have been in critical condition since the bus crash in Sierre a week ago are now out of danger, doctors said Tuesday 20 March. The hospital says in a statement that it will now be in touch with Belgian authorities about […]

Tribute to Valais Police after Sierre bus crash

Silent march to honour those who died, Tuesday evening 20 March in Sierre Police officer whose unit was first on the scene dies of acute leukemia; police in mourning again SION, SWITZERLAND – Most of the injured children have gone home to Belgium and the bodies of those killed have returned home following the bus […]

Sierre bus crash: human error or technical fault most likely, chief investigator says

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The cause of the bus crash that killed 28 people 13 March in Sierre, and injured 24 others, was most likely human error or a technical problem, the public prosecutor in charge of the case insists, despite media stories making the rounds that the driver may have been inserting a DVD or […]