Views of the Swiss Alps, Geneva from space


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Commander Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who has been living in space aboard the ISS (International Space Ship) as Commander of Expedition 35 has been actively tweeting photos and videos from space, including these images of the Swiss Alps and of Geneva, taken last week.  

Neil Armstrong, RIP

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, died over the weekend of complications from a recent surgery. Armstrong, 82, led the Nasa mission for the US 20 July 1969 and became the first of 12 men, all American, who walked on the planet during the next 10 years before the Apollo […]

US seeking 2 firms to build space taxis for astronauts

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The United States is planning to spend $300-500 million on each of at least two firms that will design space taxis to shuttle astronauts to the International Space Station, Nasa, the US space agency, announced Tuesday 8 February. Russia is currently the only country offering this service, reports Reuters: “Russia charges Nasa […]

US brouhaha over falling satellite reaches Italy

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The 6,000-plus ton satellite that is expected to fall to Earth late Friday has gripped US media this week, and the frenzy of concern over where it will fall has extended to Italy. Civil protection authorities in northern Italy Friday told people the risk is greater in their area and they should […]

Satellite data confirms Einstein’s general relativity theories

Image of Nasa GB-P results

Data from Nasa’s Gravity Probe B (GP-B), a satellite launched in 2004 to investigate two parts of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, confirms that he was right, Nasa announced 3 May. The final results published online in the journal Physical Review Letters were presented at a press conference in Washington DC Wednesday 4 May. The […]

US astronauts complain about Obama space programme cuts

US astronauts have written to US President Barack Obama ahead of his expected announcement about a revised US space programme, in Florida Thursday 15 April. They praise what is likely to be an overall spending increase of $6 billion, but deplore the scrapping of the Constellation programme, saying it will reduce the US to a […]

Merging Tibet and advertising on Google

I was doing research quickly this morning, on advertising for one article, on Tibet for another, and I suddenly found myself reading with astonishment a story about billboards in space and China. Amazing what Google serves up sometimes. I read on with increasing astonishsment – this was a lot more interesting than the Swiss advertising […]

Russian, US satellites collide over Siberia

The BBC says it is the first reported accident of its kind: two intact spacecraft hitting each other at high speed, one from a US company and the other a defunct Russian satellite. They were reportedly 780 km over Siberia and have left a cloud of debris that scientists are now tracking, but they hope […]

A new word is born

I can’t find evidence of the birth date of this word, but it’s new to me and, I suspect, to most of you: taikonaut. Definition: a Chinese astronaut. Read all about them in Xinhua news. My first reaction on reading this in a news story was, “why a new word – what’s wrong with what […]