How not to steal a car from Geneva to France

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It was not a good joy ride for one couple who stole a Mini Cooper from a garage in Geneva in the early hours of Saturday 16 June. They made it as far as the Swiss-French border at Bardonnex, then, directly in front of customs agents, at 02:45, the car tried to […]

French twin wins continuation of case over brother’s death at police hands

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss high court for criminal cases has told a Fribourg cantonal court it must reopen the case against a police officer by a French youth whose brother died from a bullet while the two were fleeing the scene of a crime in Fribourg in April 2010. The cantonal court had ruled […]

Basel psychiatric patient kills 1, injures 6 others after breakout

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – A psychiatric hospital patient who escaped Tuesday evening 13 March stole a car and crashed into a number of people, killing a cyclist and injuring six other people, news agency ATS reports. Details to follow as police make them available. In other breaking police news, 20 Minutes reports that a four-year-old boy […]

Founex, Chavannes Sat. morning high speed chase ends in 3 arrests

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A car that attracted the attention of police in Founex, canton Vaud, at 10:40 Saturday morning 3 March turned out to have stolen plates and when police took up positions to try to stop the car it took off rapidly. The car led police on a high-speed chase through Commugny, Founex, Chavannes-de-Bogis […]

High-speed chase on A9 and in Bex, prisoner captured


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The reputation for newly arrived Tunisian refugees charged by Swiss media with committing a high number of crimes will not be helped any by a high-speed chase between Sion in canton Valais and Bex in Vaud Saturday 3 December. A prisoner, a 22-year-old Tunisian, escaped from the Sion penitentiary by climbing on […]

Thieves caught robbing safe at Nyon train station

NYON, SWITZERLAND – Police nabbed three thieves from Lyons, France, ages 17, 27 and 28, who were caught in the act of trying to break into a safe at the Nyon train station at 03:00 Thursday morning 27 October, Vaud police announced Monday. A shot was fired accidentally in the fight between authorities and the […]

Vaud police were justified in autoroute shooting, court says

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A policeman who shot and killed a passenger in a car on the A1 autoroute in 2010 was justified in using his gun, and correct procedures were filed, a Swiss court has ruled. The case was closed 15 June. The 18-year-old from France who died from a gunshot wound was in a […]

Lausanne car-jackers caught coming into Geneva (update)


Police, border guards, working more closely than in past Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Quick coordinated work between border guards and police in Geneva and Lausanne Monday 13 December has resulted in three French youths, ages 19-22, being arrested after they crossed into Switzerland from France with a car they hijacked in Lausanne 9 December. One […]

Geneva police nab WHO robbers, caught in the act

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Customs guards in Geneva near the border caught three thieves red-handed in the early hours of Friday, just after they took a safe and several laptops from the World Health Organization. The three are professionals, known to police, but according to the Tribune de Geneve, they were caught in a car […]