Traffic tangles and temperature dips marked weekend

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – July ends and some vacationers go home while others head out: the weekend saw heavy traffic on all main arteries in Switzerland thanks to the holidays, reports public TV station RTS. The shock of vacation time starting or ending was compounded for some by a sharp change in temperature, with a 15C […]

Summer suggestion: vineyard train and Morges dahlias in bloom


MORGES, SWITZERLAND – Morges is a lovely town of some 15,000 souls, on the lakefront about 15km from Lausanne. Those who explored it during the April-May tulip festival for which it is famed can now enjoy another flower outing: the dahlias along the quays have flowered. The colours are magnificent and it gives you a […]

Geneva’s invitations to lounge, stay cool this summer

By Viktoria Rajnak Finally, summer has arrived with temperatures making it perfect for lounging outdoors. The heat naturally attracts us closer to the water, and there is a wide choice of different places to have drinks and hang out. I like to enjoy the warm lakeside breeze at the following lounges: Starting off at rive […]

Welcome to summer!


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – This is the first official weekend of summer 2012, the weather couldn’t be better, and there is plenty to do, with beaches and pools open, music festivals starting and all the other good things Switzerland and neighbouring France have on offer (remember to regularly check out our events pages for what’s on […]

Waking up to geraniums singing, again

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Summer is here, no doubt about it when you get out of the city and head for the mountains: the sun rose at 05:00 this morning in the Swiss Alps. As the light suddenly streamed in I could hear what seemed like my newly planted geraniums singing, but it was an extraordinary […]

Switzerland cleans up its water act

Who said the Swiss don’t have a sense of humour? ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Summer may officially be three weeks away, but the tourists are already arriving in Switzerland and, whew, just in time, the country is finishing up its Swiss version of a clean water act:

Summer is over, says Max the stork

FRIBOURG, SWITZERLAND – Max, the Swiss-born white stork who has been tracked for longer than any other bird in the wild, left her summer home in Tuefingen, Saturday 10 September. The Fribourg Natural History Museum, which banded and tracks the bird, says that for the first time in her 13 years of winter migrations, she […]

Geneva’s tourists now have angels


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva’s tourism and convention office is giving out wings this week, to a new group called Tourist Angels, whose mission from 11 July to 15 August is to help tourists. Eight brightly clad teams of two will walk around the busiest tourist areas, mainly the waterfront, the old town in Geneva and […]

Biker caught doing 130kph in village as motorcycle safety day announced

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The police in Vaud handed their Valais police colleagues a nice story Wednesday morning, of a local man in his 40s stopped for going 130kph on  his motorcyle in a 50 zone. The man was going through the village of Crassier, near the Vaud/French border and the French town of Divonne. The […]

Extreme sports guides will soon need Swiss-wide certification

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss parliament has taken 10 years to work out federal legislation, but in future tourists visiting the country who want to do extreme sports will have guides who are certified to work throughout the country, not just in one canton. A rafting accident in 1999 that killed 21 people in […]