Fatca, French deals with US overlooks needs of Swiss expats


Swiss Abroad slams gov’t for hasty tax deals that don’t consider country’s expats BERN, SWITZERLAND – The new US Fatca law that Switzerland has agreed to observe starting in 2014, as well as an agreement with France on inheritance taxes, overlooked the needs of Swiss citizens who live abroad, the Congress of the Swiss Abroad […]

Number of Swiss living abroad continues to rise

Europe accounts for well over half BERN, SWITZERLAND – The number of Swiss who live abroad has climbed to 715,710, twice the number in 1980 and 12,000 more than in 2011, a 1.72 percent increase. The largest Swiss communities elsewhere are in Europe, with 442,620, the Americas (175,954) and Asia (45,793). The European Union countries […]

Swiss gov’t approves 12 cantons for electronic voting in June

Bern to review electronic voting in 2013 Limits on numbers raised for Geneva, Neuchatel GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Federal government 4 April authorized 12 cantons to allow electronic voting during federal elections 17 June 2012. In all but two of the cantons the electronic vote is available only to their citizens abroad. Geneva and […]

Swiss abroad, caught in US-Swiss tax crossfire

Credit Suisse reported to be asking Americans for tax advisors’ names, proof of filing in the US BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSE) is demanding that the government and Swiss banks find a reasonable solution to the growing banking problems of Swiss citizens who live outside the country, particularly those in […]

Swiss abroad grow to 10% of the total population


Asia fastest growing area for them, but Europe remains home to most BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss living abroad now make up more than 10 percent of the Swiss population, growing to 703,640 in 2011, with 62 percent of them living in Europe and 97 percent of those living in European Union countries. France has the […]

Swiss Abroad push for electronic vote

LUGANO, TICINO – The annual congress of the 700,000 Swiss who live abroad, often referred to as the Fifth Switzerland, is putting its weight behind a push for more widespread electronic voting. Some 135,000 Swiss abroad are registered to vote, but the group argues that more citizens abroad will register and vote if electronic voting […]

Swiss commission underway, to push electronic voting

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A new federal commission to encourage and develop electronic voting throughout Switzerland has met for the first time. Four federal officials and eight from cantons will oversee the gradual expansion of electronic voting. Cantons Geneva, Neuchatel and Zurich began developing their own electronic systems in 2004 and there are now 13 cantons […]

Swiss abroad numbers up, 72% dual nationals

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The number of Swiss who officially reside outside the country rose in 2010 by 10,127 to 695,101. The vast majority, more than 500,000, are dual nationals. Switzerland has a population of 7.4 million, making the Swiss abroad nearly 10 percent of the total population. The 1.5 percent increase concerns mainly people […]

Sunday referendum boosted Swiss electronic voting

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The popular referendum in Switzerland Sunday 13 February failed to take firearms out of Swiss homes, but it gave a boost to electronic voting. Twelve cantons continued to test electronic systems for federal voting, and there were no problems, according to Bern. The turnout for potential electronic voters was low, with […]

Swiss abroad may see easier voter registration

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The nearly 700,000 Swiss who live abroad, or at least those old enough to vote, are likely to see one aspect of being Swiss ease in 2011, renewing their voter registration. They are currently required to re-register every four years, but the Swiss Federal Council agreed 22 December with a parliamentary […]