Tina Turner becomes a citizen of Kuesnacht, in line for Swiss passport (update)


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Music star Tina Turner, who has lived in Kuesnacht, canton Zurich, since 1995, has had her request for citizenship approved by the commune on the outskirts of Zurich. The news was announced by the communal authorities in Zürichsee-Zeitung newspaper. Canton Zurich and the confederation will now need to confirm the local authority’s decision, […]

Michele Bachmann waxes poetic about her Swiss citizenship (update)

You read that right: former US presidential candidate confirms she is officially Swiss Bachmann’s dual citizenship muddles more than the Tea Party   GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The ranks of dual US-Swiss citizens have just been plumped by former US presidential candidate Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, whoe certainly knows how to wax poetic about the old […]

Swiss quiz game to shops for 1 August holiday


Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Quick – what’s the Matterhorn called in French and how long is the Swiss president’s term of office? How many cantons does Switzerland have and what makes raclette different from other cheeses? Don’t know? Whether you are new to Switzerland or have been here all your life it is difficult to […]