Swiss drinking less milk, less wine but cheese and chocolates are happy staples


BERN, SWITZERLAND – Chocolate and cheese consumption in Switzerland aren’t slipping, but two liquid icons of Swissness are continuing their downward trend: milk and wine consumption are both slipping, despite an increasing population. Whether the larger share of foreigners in the population partially explains the change is a matter for conjecture. Cheese consumption has remained […]

Canadian who fought for assisted suicide dies in Zurich

Case has been followed closely in Canada as part of debate over current law ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Susan Griffiths from Winnipeg, age 72, died early Thursday morning 25 April in Zurich, in the gardens of Dignitas. Griffith’s desire to die and battle to get help to do so has been watched closely by Canadians as […]

Fallout appears from Swiss decision on foreign workers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The day after Switzerland announced that it will curb the number of foreign workers from the European Union, starting 1 May, four other European countries signed a letter saying that they, too, need to limit immigration, reports RTS. The Netherlands, Britain, Germany and Austria cited reasons similar to Switzerland’s for invoking the […]

Swiss real estate prices record high in 2012, likely to head down


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swiss home prices are likely to start drifting down, says Wüest & Partner in its latest report on the Swiss real estate market. The company is an international real estate consultancy firm that regularly produces reports on its home market. “In the coming months, demand for commercial properties is expected to flatten […]

TVA hike boosted revenues by 6.9% in 2011

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland’s increased TVA (value-added) tax, which went into effect 1 January 2011, brought in CHF22 billion, Bern said Monday 22 April, an increase of 6.9 percent compared to 2010. Swiss voters agreed to a maximum seven-year increase in the TVA rates to cover the federal disability insurance scheme, operating in the red, […]

Zurich mayor sheds US passport


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Zurich’s mayor has become the latest celebrity in Switzerland to have the US Embassy in Bern punch holes in her passport as she gives up her US citizenship. Corinne Mauch, 52, was born in Iowa City, Iowa with dual Swiss-US citizenship, and she spent her early years in the Midwest. She has […]

Weather key factor in higher 2012 Swiss energy consumption, production


More snow and rain helped boost hydraulic power by 18.% BERN, SWITZERLAND – A cold first three months in 2012 lie behind a 0.6 percent increase in energy used last year. Switzerland consumed 59 billion kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy in 2012,the Federal Energy Office said Wednesday 17 April. The figure climbs to 63.4b when […]

“Swiss Climate Change 2013″ report shows warmer rivers, more mountain flora


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The “Swiss Climate Change 2013″ report published Thursday 11 April, provides some clues to the impact of a warmer climate that can now be clearly observed. Changes shown include warmer rivers as air temperatures rise, shifts in precipitation patterns, more mixed and fewer confierous forests and an increase in the number of […]

Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki dies in Nyon


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Influential Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki has died in Nyon, age 93. He left China in 1950 and settled in Paris, eventually becoming a French citizen. He settled in Switzerland in 2011, a move that according to news agency AFP is part of a family dispute over the painter’s health care and […]

“Offshore leaks”, Swiss version, points finger at 200-300 Swiss lawyers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss lawyers who have helped wealthy people avoid tax by encouraging them to use secret company offshore accounts are among the first to be named in the Offshore Leaks project that came to light last week. Several media worldwide that are involved in the project will be naming names starting this week, […]