New int’l school to open in Vaud in September

GWA Etoy 3 © CCHE

Large school could have significant impact on area schooling options GENEVA / LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The early October news seemed to come out of nowhere, that the Lake Geneva region would have yet another new international school, but this time a relatively large one that has managed to find space in the crowded and tight […]

Apple says iPhone 5 orders double earlier model’s record

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – More than 2 million orders were received in 24 hours for the new iPhone 5, says Apple, doubling the record orders for its predecessor, the iPhone 4. The company says the initial orders are more than it can supply immediately and that while most orders will be filled by Friday, in the […]

Lift boosts digital conversations in Geneva area


Getting a real Lift, 22-24 February by Ellen Wallace GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The number of conversations in Geneva centred around our digital lives, past, present and future, is up this week thanks to the annual Lift Conference, which opened Wednesday 22 February and ends Friday. The conference itself pulls in several hundred people from the […]

Public transport gets high green marks compared to cars

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss public transport systems do more than simply carry more people for less fuel: they also get relatively high ecology marks for their overall impact on the environment. A study ordered by the federal government, published in German 9 September, shows that while public transport is far ahead of road traffic at […]

Nestlé buys kiwi anti-constipation line


VEVEY, SWITZERLAND – Nestlé’s move into nutritional solutions for health problems is being given a boost this week with Nestlé Health Science taking a minority stake in a New Zealand company that specializes in developing kiwi-based products to treat gastrointestinal conditions. Vital Foods, a 20-year-old firm, has two products for treating constipation that are well […]

Swiss cyber health system inches closer to consumer

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Several players met in Bern at the end of last week to hammer out details of how the country can provide citizens with an electronic or “cyber health” system that will include smart health care cards. The goal is to create a nationwide electronic system that provides hospitals and doctors with medical […]

Swiss fight high franc with innovation booster funds


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss government is putting its money where the strong franc pain is: innovation is the solution, Bern said Monday 4 July. And to prove it, 10 “vouchers” worth up to CHF350,000 each are being made available to get innovative products that are in the pipeline to market faster. The dollar to […]

Solar Impulse headed home to Switzerland


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse, flying with only solar power, is en route to Switzerland from Paris. The plane left Le Bourget airport in France at 07:11 Sunday 3 July and is expected to arrive in Payerne at 19:00 this evening. You can follow the flight live on and via the Smartphone app “Solar […]

Renewable energy production up

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland’s production of energy from renewable sources rose in 2010, new figures from the Federal Energy Office 30 June show. Electricity from renewable sources, including hydroelectric power (without accumulation pumps consumption), rose by 1.2 percent for a total of 36.4 billion kWh. Nuclear power plants currently provide 39.3 percent of the country’s […]

Bern moves education, research, and innovation to Economy ministry

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss federal government reorganized several departments Wednesday 29 June, notably pulling together under the roof of the Department of the Economy the country’s polytechnic and research institutes, and ongoing professional training and technology programmes. The move underscores the growing importance Switzerland is giving to technology and innovation by creating a common […]