Boston starts opening again, Canada bans details of terrorism trial

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Boston shops began opening again and life in the city that has been shut down for a week by bombs at the Boston Marathon started to get back to normal. Details are emerging of the criminal actions of which two brothers are accused, with the younger one, in hospital with a feeding […]

Switzerland, US sign visa waiver agreement

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss visitors to the United States will continue to benefit from the American visa waiver programme, officially known as Esta. The two countries signed agreements covering counter-terrorism 12 December that allow Switzerland to remain in the visa waiver programme. Swiss nationals are able to enter and travel throughout the US without a […]

Swiss spy saga revived

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Remember the story about the wannabe Swiss spy, a technician who stole data from the national spy agency, FIS (SRS in French and SND in German) which surfaced at the end of September? It’s resurfaced, with the Swiss reportedly officially telling the UK and the US that they cannot guarantee no data […]

Over 20 dead in suicide bombings in Afghanistan

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Two suicide attacks outside NATO’s base in southern Afghanistan has killed over 20 Afghans and left at least 50 wounded. The number of fatal victims could be as high as 23. According to press reports, one attacker set off the first blast, while a second bomber detonated his explosives nearby. A shopkeeper […]

Lithuania sentences Irishman on arms deal to Real IRA

LITHUANIA – A court in Lithuania has sentenced Michael Campbell of Ireland to 12 years in prison for attempting to smuggle arms from that country to the Real IRA, a paramilitary group in Ireland. Campbell was arrested in an undercover operation after handing over cash to buy a sniper rifle, detonators and timers. According to […]

Pakistan, 21 killed in US air strike

PAKISTAN – A US drone strike in Pakistan killed up to 21 Afghan Al Qaeda fighters, say press agencies in the region. The group has been blamed for some of the deadliest anti-American attacks in Afghanistan, including a suicide attack at a US base in 2009 that killed seven CIA operatives. US officials have accused […]

Europe in shock, worried, over Oslo’s 87 deaths (update)

Norwegian media point to lone gunman, naming him and publishing photos Update 9:20  GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The death toll had risen to 87 by Saturday morning in Oslo, Norway, from a bomb at a government office and a gunman’s shooting spree at a youth political camp near the city. It is Europe’s worst attack since […]

Germany says strong evidence of planned terrorist attacks

Germany says it has strong evidence of alleged Islamist militants were planning attacks in the next two weeks. Authorities ordered security at potential targets such as train stations and airports to be tightened. Germany has long viewed itself as a potential target because it has nearly 5,000 military personnel stationed in Afghanistan, the third largest […]

First court conviction of a Guantanamo Bay jail detainee

Jurors in New York City, USA, convicted Ahmed Ghailani of conspiracy to blow up US government buildings. The charges were related to the Al Qaeda attacks of two US embassies in 1998. Ghailani was acquitted on more than 280 other charges. He is the only detainee transferred from Guantanamo Bay for trial since the US […]

Nato fuel tankers blasted in Pakistan

A man died after gunmen, allegedly Taliban, torched several tankers carrying fuel to Nato troops in Afghanistan. Earlier, armed men had opened fire on a Nato convoy also going through Pakistan. On Monday, at least six people were killed and nine others wounded on yet another attack on Nato tankers. Disputes over how the US […]