N Korea rhetoric shifts to more threats as it cuts hotline

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – North Korean belligerance has been stepped up again, with new threats against the South and the US. Wednesday 27 March it said it was cutting its hotline with South Korea, effectively ending all military communication, although an aviation hotline remains in place, according to news agency AP. Some weeks ago it reportedly […]

Train crimes on the rise: internal report


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The CFF rail company is reported by Sonntagsblick 11 November to be concerned about the sharp increase in crime on trains in Switzerland, notably theft and violence towards passengers and train personnel. In the first six months of 2012, 539 employees were threatened, a 32 percent increase, and 110 were attacked, a […]

Syria’s downing of Turkish jet underscores worries over Russian supplies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Turkey has reacted with anger to Syria’s downing of a jet fighter last week, but reaction coming in from other governments Monday and Tuesday brings to the surface worries about recent reports that the Russian government is supplying the Assad regime with military equipment. Nato has backed Turkey’s harsh warning to Syria […]

Rudolf Elmer, Swiss WikiLeaks banker, loses appeal


Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Rudolf Elmer, the former Bank Julius Baer employee who famously appeared with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks two days before his trial in Zurich for theft and threatening his former employer, has had one of his appeals turned down, his lawyer has told Swiss media in a press release. He was convicted […]

Species threatened with extinction still on the rise, says IUCN

Panay Monitor Lizard (Varanus mabitang) © Tim Laman

Gland, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A major new assessment of the threats to the world’s biodiversity shows that the continuing encroachment on many species’ habitats is increasing their vulnerability. The 2009 edition of world’s most comprehensive list of life under threat of extinction, the Red List of Threatened Species, was published Tuesday 3 November.  The Red […]

Youths in attacks in Sion and Lausanne

Lausanne/Sion, Valais, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Valais police are investigating an incident in which a man pulled a knife on a youth Friday night 11 September at the Sion train station. The man was buying a ticket at a machine when a group of seven youths aged between 17 and 20 approached him, acting threateningly, he […]