Michele Bachmann waxes poetic about her Swiss citizenship (update)

You read that right: former US presidential candidate confirms she is officially Swiss Bachmann’s dual citizenship muddles more than the Tea Party   GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The ranks of dual US-Swiss citizens have just been plumped by former US presidential candidate Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, whoe certainly knows how to wax poetic about the old […]

Vettel and WWF agree on rezoning around his house

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – WWF, the environmental group, and German Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel have reached an agreement on the new home he wants to build in Kemmental, canton Thurgau. The two have been at odds since the WWF announced in November 2010 that it would oppose planning permission for his home. Local authorities had […]

Electronic votes to allow Swiss abroad their say in 5 more cantons

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Five additional cantons will be able to offer electronic voting to their citizens in November 2010 federal elections, bringing the total number to 12 cantons, nearly half of the country. The Swiss federal electoral commission announced the decision 8 September. The November ballots take electronic voting, in which Switzerland is a […]

Man sentenced for helping hide illegal immigrant who later died

Kreuzlingen, Thurgau (GenevaLunch) – The man who left an unconscious woman in front of a hospital in April 2009 was given a suspended sentence to pay CHF3,400 and fined CHF250 for helping hide an illegal immigrant. The woman was his gravely ill companion whom he had dropped off at the hospital door when he could […]