Ticino worried by boom in cross-border apprentices

A growing number of Swiss towns and cities have 20kph zones where pedestrians and cars mingle, but the pedestrian has the right-of-way

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The number of young Italians who live in Italy but cross the border daily to train as apprentices under canton Ticino’s apprenticeship programme has increased by 40 percent in “the past few years”, according to RTS public broadcasting, and authorities in the canton are becoming concerned. Some 700 apprentices, 10 percent of […]

Sleuthing a Flaesch Pinot’s 91 points from Parker


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Here’s the news: Pinot Noir ’09 from Gantenbein winery in canton Graubuenden was given a note of 91 by Robert Parker wine reviewer Neal Martin. This comes on the heels of four Swiss wines mentioned recently by another Parker reviewer, David Schildknecht. The information was bundled into a press release from Swiss […]

Strong foehn winds whip Valais, Ticino gets snow on plain


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – March weather is hitting Alpine valleys with a vengeance Sunday 17 March, with foehn winds gusting up to 110kph in central Valais (also central eastern Switzerland) and all of Ticino on a 4 out of 5 red alert for strong winds coupled with snow on the plains. Most of Ticino is expected […]

Employment, job ads both up in Switzerland

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Employment in Switzerland rose in the fourth quarter of 2012 and is expected to increase again during the first three months of 2013. The number of online ads for jobs also rose strongly, two indicators that the economy is weathering the crisis that continues in neighbouring countries. The number of employed persons […]

In Swiss media today: Red Cross museum’s tobacco dilemma, ski lift safety

Heavy snow in Ticino delays trains GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The death of a girl in Italy Friday after a 12-metre fall from a ski-lift and an accident involving two small children in France: the safety of ski-lifts is the subject of a report by TSR public television. The video shows some of the improvements made […]

Regional travel & wine: Switzerland’s surprising wines


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Torches light the lovely 15th-century cobblestone courtyard, once a two- or three-hour carriage ride from Geneva. A hum of voices carries from an open cellar door where soft candlelight offers a glimpse of amphoras and barrels. Upstairs, in a renovated area of the old Grand’Cour château, Jean-Pierre Pellegrin describes what makes his […]

Warmest night on record in Ticino, tremors in Fribourg, Anniviers

LUGANO, SWITZERLAND – Climate and geology are getting off to an odd start in 2013 in Swizerland. The past three days have seen tremors north of Bulle, in canton Fribourg, 3.1, and the Val d’Anniviers in canton Valais, 2.8, neither of which caused damage. The night of 5 January was the warmest January night since […]

World’s top Merlots are Swiss, French, Romanian and Lebanese

Bordeaux takes top prize, Ticino winery named world champion GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Earl Roumage winery in St Germain du Puch, France, won both the Best Merlot Varietal (single grape) and the Best Foreign Varietal Merlot prizes at the Mondial du Merlot wine competition, the Vinea Association in Sierre announced Friday 28 September. Cantina Monti […]

How the cantons fare: finalists in the Swiss wine competition

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, while not a competition that pits one canton against another, serves as a kind of register for how well wines from the six main wine regions fared against those from other parts of the country. The 2012 distribution of Swiss wine finalists by region and canton […]

A2 closed briefly in Ticino after cliff collapses

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The A2 autoroute near Bellinzona was closed for several hours early Tuesday 15 May after 300,000 m3 of rock fell when a cliff collapsed near Preonzo, close to Bellinzona. Another 500,000m3 remains unstable, according to local authorities. The industrial zone was closed over the weekend as concerns about the rock grew, but […]