CGN Lake Geneva boat company creates 4 brands for birthday


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The heavy anchor is gone and one that is closer to a smiley face is being sported as part of the new CGN logo that accompanies four clearly delineated new brands and a smartphone app. The new look, business lineup, app and customer service are part of the 140th anniversary celebrations organized […]

Geneva Motor Show opens: here’s what to expect

Unveiled, the new Sbarro Eight - something for everyone at the Geneva Motor Show 2013

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Geneva International Motor Show, expected to pull in 700,000 visitors during the next 10 days, opened Thursday morning 7 March. The Swiss, who bought 320,000 cars in 2012 despite European-wide sales that fell by 3.3 million, flock to the show every year, where some dealers offer discounts on cars ordered. Other […]

Geneva Motor Show tickets on sale via Internet


Swiss car show makes significant shift to bigger Internet presence GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Tickets to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show have gone on sale, on line, as part of the car show’s shift to a heavier Internet presence this year. The show runs from 7-17 March 2013 and the organizers expect more than 100,000 visitors […]

Paleo train deals, special trains, should reduce traffic

NYON, SWITZERLAND – The Paleo Festival opens 17 July on the heels of the Montreux Jazz Festival, tying the knot on the Lake Geneva region’s non-stop approach to summer music. Paleo pulls some 200,000 fans to the Asse field at the top end of Nyon, but traffic in the area is helped hugely by the […]

Paleo sold out!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The tickets for Paleo Music Festival came and went in no time Wednesday, after sales opened, and by evening the six days of concerts were sold out. The Nyon festival, one of Europe’s most popular summer outdoor festivals, will welcome 230,000 music fans from 17 to 22 July. The festival has 210 […]

Prix de Lausanne consolidates its role as major dance competition

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Prix de Lausanne dance competition is now underway, and as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations it is turning firmly to the future with new multimedia coverage and opening its doors more widely to the public to show that it has come of age. The basics for 2012: 79 candidates, 19 […]

Two speeders caught over 180kph in same spot, in 3 days

SION, SWITZERLAND – Police in canton Valais caught two drivers going ovre 180kph on the same stretch of road, heading from Sion to Sierre, one Friday and one Monday. Both drivers had their licenses confiscated and they face steep fines. Friday 12 August at 21:25 a 27-year-old Swiss man was clocked at 189kph near Granges, […]

Free tickets to St Prex Classics festival, first comers

ST PREX, SWITZERLAND – First come, first serve, for 8 tickets to the St Prex Classics festival, 16-28 August (two weekends): 4 tickets for 19 August (Soirées Ravel) and 4 tickets for 28 August (Trois pour 4 : Gershwin Piano Quartet). Simply contact and include the web address of this page in your request […]

Paleo hunts for last-minute star to replace Winehouse


NYON, SWITZERLAND – The Paleo Festival in Nyon is taking Amy Winehouse’s cancellation in stride as it looks for a last-minute star fill-in to replace the singer who signed on, to much fanfare, 11 April. Winehouse’s comeback European tour, after a long fight with drugs and alcohol, was off to a painful start this week […]

Beijing-Shanghai high speed train prices unveiled

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It will cost you only about CHF100 to go 300kph in China, on the Beijing-Shanghai route, but you won’t be behind the wheel,  you’ll be in a passenger seat on the new high-speed train. The Chinese government 14 June unveiled the price schedule for the trains, which go into operation at the […]