New Geneva-France bus route and other TPG scheduled changes

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Geneva public transportation system TPG announced new schedules and bus lines in the canton: As of 18 February, a new bus line (codenamed “M”) will connect Collonges-sous-Salève and Saint-Julien, France The M line will connect with bus line 44 (Carouge – Croix-de-Rozon) and the D bus in Saint-Julien As of 4 February, lines […]

New and expanded international flights planned for spring and summer

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Here is a quick round up of the many changes in 2012, on international routes departing from Geneva: Czech Airlines will offer a new daily service between Geneva and Prague starting April Darwin Airlines has launched two new daily routes from Geneva: Genova and Luxembourg easyJet will offer two new routes to […]

Track any train in Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland – I recently spent a lovely day in Lucerne with a friend of mine. Riding the train in the morning, having a cup of coffee, croissants, enjoying the view and the – excellent – conversation, was a treat! It reminded me of a resource I recently came across: a real-time, train tracker in […]

Kids ride free on all public transportation in Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland – One of the first things we did when we arrived in Geneva was to buy a Carte Junior which gave our 8 year-old free rides on all public transport systems in Switzerland for one year! That is a bargain a parent cannot pass up.

Get your highway pass or be ready to pay 200 francs

Geneva, Switzerland – On our recent trip across Europe, we learned, the hard way, that a highway sticker is required when traveling through some European countries. In other words, do not get too happy if you do not find tolls while on your European excursion. 150 Euros later, I learned that Slovenia was one of […]

Mobility pricing rears its head in government infrastructure audit

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Moritz Leuenberger wants to prepare the Swiss for paying more when they use transport – public or private. Mobility pricing is rearing its head. An audit of the current state of Switzerland’s infrastructure and a plan for its needs way into the future were the occasion to bring up the subject […]

Where to find the cheapest winter tires?

Geneva, Switzerland – Let’s face it, winter is around the corner and you know what that means for your vehicle: time to put on the winter tires. Where to find the best deal on tires in Geneva and the Lake Geneva area? The consumer-oriented magazine Bon a savoir carried out a study and reported the […]

Free public transportation to the movies in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland – Take the bus, boat, train or tram to go to the movies and don’t pay for additional transportation costs. That’s the deal offered by Canton Geneva’s Public Transport System (Unireso), and the Pathé theaters. The offer is good on Mondays only and in Canton Geneva.

Black Ice II, international cooperation in case of a bioterrorist attack

Montreux, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Coordinated international response to a bioterrorist attack was simulated in Montreux 7 and 8 September in an exercise code-named Black Ice II, according to the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs. The exercise simulated an attack resulting in a pneumonic plague epidemic, and tested the institutional response to such an attack in […]

Klaxonne ride-sharing at Paleo festival already a modest success


Update 16:25 Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Paleo Festival Nyon is well and truly over for this year, and we all had very good fun. The festival’s organizers tried even harder this year to encourage public transportation, as GenevaLunch described in its users’ guide to the festival. Among those efforts was, an experiment in “dynamic […]