Americans meet in Lausanne as tax filing day raises new questions


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – This is the day when Americans back home are scrambling to get their tax forms to the IRS, but outside the US the difficulty of remaining tax compliant is leading a growing number of citizens to hand in their passports: on average, 7 Americans a day took the oath to stop being […]

US-Swiss treaty on UBS accounts inches forward (update)

Update 16:35  Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The upper house of the Swiss parliament Thursday voted 31-11 in favour of the agreement between the US and Switzerland that will allow the Swiss to provide judicial assistance for 4,450 UBS bank account holders. The vote moves the treaty a step closer to approval: the lower house votes […]

China and US conclude talks in Washington on positive note

Two days of talks billed as a “strategic and economic dialogue” between China and the US concluded Tuesday 28 July in Washington DC, with nothing concrete but with broad agreement on ways to combat the world recession and on climate change. The two say they are now closer on a variety of issues, among them […]