First-ever kosher truffles in the country of chocolate


Surprisingly, no one has done it before: two Geneva chocolate lovers teamed up to create the first certified kosher chocolates and truffles in the country. Made of high quality cocoa and without any animal ingredients, they’ll satisfy not only all kosher observers but chocoholics and vegans too. Online orders at for CHF39.50 (250gr) and CHF64.50 (400 gr), […]

Dietary choices questioned in trial over baby’s death

A trial in France over responsibility for the death of an 11-month-old girl in March 2008 has provoked questions about people’s dietary choices. The French parents are being prosecuted for “neglect or food deprivation followed by death” after their daughter died of complications from bronchitis. Her parents treated her using only natural methods, from a […]

Vegans coming for Thanksgiving: helpful link

We just had visitors, one of whom is vegetarian, so we prepared lentils with cumin and garden pumpkin risotto. What I realized only the next morning is that she is doesn’t eat fish, eggs or dairy products, and the risotto had cream. Our family cooking is not meat-centred, but like many non-vegetarians we have to […]

American Thanksgiving planner

Even though stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes are pretty standard fare, most families have their own version of the feast, including grandma’s recipes as well as traditional ones. I’ve gathered some ideas that allow you to plan your own personalized Thanksgiving, right here in the Lake Geneva region, without having to have someone […]