Urgent call for transparency for plant food sources

Monsanto, Syngenta “control between them more than 50% of market for seeds for some European vegetables” – Bern Declaration GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss consumers have little information about the sources of the plant foods, fruit but in particular vegetables, according to a new study done for the Bern Declaration‘s agricultural, consumer and development member groups. […]

US children developing poor eating habits earlier, study shows


VEVEY, SWITZERLAND – Children in the US are developing poor eating habits that are likely to lead to obesity at a younger age, as early as 12 months, a study by Nestlé shows. Some 10 percent of children between ages 2 and 5 are now categorized as obese and another 11 percent are overweight, but […]

Planet Menu Tuesday: cut your meat consumption, counsels WWF

WWF Switzerland was encouraging us all to have a vegetarian lunch today, and while they didn’t catch some of us on time, their reminder that meat should be the exception, not the rule for meals, will come with me to the supermarket as I buy tonight’s dinner supplies. If you eat meat in moderation six […]

Plants as art: Stupendous flower images (update)

Update 28 May: link to “Wonderland” web page and to another review of the show Two artists are currently showing us flowers and plant life in very different ways, but to the same end: drawing our attention to a part of the world around us that we too easily take for granted. Click on images […]

Lacquered pork tenderloin, roast potatoes, and wild garlic or ransom

Recipe: Lacquered pork tenderloin, roast potatoes and wild garlic leaves Ingredients Serves 4 800-gram / 1 3/4-lb pork tenderloin roast (“filet mignon de porc”) 5 T. honey 30 grams / 2 T. butter 2 t. Colman’s mustard powder or 2 T. whole-grain mustard 2 T. coriander seeds Beans of one vanilla pod Olive oil Salt […]

MarketDay 14 April 2010

Breaking news: we have local strawberries and rhubarb! Whoof, spring is here, even if the mercury can’t seem to rise quite to the heights we would like. I was worried last week at this time. Be patient, the Mara des Bois will come in time. For local vegetables, green is the word. There are salads […]

Scallops & green asparagus, strawberry Balsamic sauce

Recipe This is another low-fat, high-fiber meal that fits perfectly in to any weight loss plan. All these ingredients are available in April. 4 to 6 scallops per person 6 to 8 spears of green asparagus per person Balsamic vinegar 500 grams / 1 lb. strawberries (for 3 or 4 servings) Szechwan pepper to taste […]

Easy fennel and raclette potato salad

Recipe Ingredients 1 large fennel 3 medium-size raclette or new potatoes Juice of one blood orange Olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons Country Potato spice* OR aniseed/fennel seeds Preheat grill or broiler. Cut stalk end of fennel out, then slice thinly in the lengthwise direction. Scrub potatoes, but do […]

MarketDay 1st week April 2010

Spring is here, technically speaking, but it’s still cold, so many local products that would normally be available now simply are not. It snowed in the Alps Easter weekend, and the skiing is great, so we can’t have the best of both worlds. Root vegetables are still in: celery root (celeriac), baby beets and carrots. […]

Seasonal winter recipe suggestions

Recipes using seasonal ingredients found in Switzerland in February Papet vaudois, a Swiss sausage and leek specialty from canton Vaud. Worry no more mushroom barley soup with crusty garlic toast at Spirit of Pistoulet. Easy duck confit recipe at The Rambling Epicure. Fat-free Swiss carrot cake at Swiss Foodies. Moroccan-style chicken pie at Epicurious. Cabbage, […]