Droning the vines, microspectural cameras and other 21st c tools

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Drones are the rage and have been for a while in the US and Australia, for learning more about vineyards at the micro level, a report done by the BBC says, but now wine grape growers are turning to newer tools such as microspectural cameras that rapidly provide data which can be […]

What to expect from the new Vinea Swiss Wines app

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The new Vinea iPhone app guide to Swiss wines comes out at midnight 23 October, meaning, to avoid confusion, if you’re up late Tuesday night you’ll be able to get it in the Apple Store, or the morning of the 24th, for those in less of a rush. Check out Vinea’s Facebook […]

Army makes final check on Chamoson forest fire


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The forest fire that broke out just above the vineyards of Chamoson, canton Valais, last Thursday, 23 August, is under control, with the Swiss Army making final flyover helicopter checks Monday morning, an army spokesperson told GenevaLunch. The fire broke out after several days of hot, dry weather, with temperatures in the […]

Forest fire breaks out in Chamoson (details to follow)


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Firefighters are battling a forest fire that broke out late Wednesday 22 August, on the steep slopes above the village and vineyards, in Chamoson, canton Valais. Details to follow.

Caves Ouvertes on two wheels

GENEVA, Switzerland-Wine, wheels…and wet. In spite of the lousy weather accompanying the Geneva Caves Ouvertes last weekend, the excellent wine on offer and beautiful Geneva area scenery left me with a smile on my face. Here’s a sampling of what I saw. Enjoy.      

Life in the slow lane

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Is it just me or have the weather gods smiled on Geneva this Fall? All the better to get back in the saddle after what seems like an extended hiatus limited to commuting on two-wheels. Sharing the road with a group on horseback makes me forget momentarily about gas stations, traffic lights […]

Great harvest but market too tough, say Geneva wine producers


BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss wine producers have enjoyed the fruits of three excellent harvests in a row, with 2011 promising to make it four, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy to sell wine at a fair price, some argue. A group of 15 Geneva wine producers have banded together to start a Swiss national popular […]

November love affair, birds and vines (photo)

If you’re a bird, or better yet several thousand birds, the best party in town is any local vineyard where the harvest is long finished but cold weather has held off and the grapes left on the wines are berry berry sweet. The air was filled with beating wings Tuesday near Mont-sur-Rolle, Chateau Chas great […]

Brief moment of near-warmth expected on Saturday


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – For those of you hoping that the woolens you’ve put on will be needed only temporarily, the chilly autumn in Switzerland looks set to continue, with just a a flash of near-warmth Saturday 23 October, when temperatures in the west of the country might rise to 16C. The vineyards throughout the […]

Top picks at Arvinis wine fair

What to expect and some of the great finds at Arvinis in Morges Notes on wines from California, Swiss top picks I spent a few hours Thursday at Arvinis and my first tip is this: do spit out the wine and do take along a bottle of water to keep yourself well hydrated if you’re […]