Winter surprise: fresh frozen broccoli surfaces

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Our family has just had a wonderful small surprise from the garden, broccoli that we assumed had died, reappeared and was perfect for a quick stir-fry. The broccoli, along with some celery, fell victim to a metre of snow that was suddenly dumped on our mountain garden in November. Since then we’ve […]

Winter in western Switzerland, our weekend images


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Last weekend offered so much outdoors that the contributors were out and about doing different things, and we’ve decided to share some of our favourites images from the weekend with you. Click on images to view larger        

Buried garden treasures

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There is no longer any doubt, winter is here to stay, and buried somewhere under a metre of fresh snow is my broccoli, that I was planning to stir-fry last Saturday night. Question: by the time the snow melts down a couple feet, will my fresh-frozen but on the stalk broccoli be […]

Snow blankets Switzerland but autumn lies ahead


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland had a wintry interlude but autumn is expected to return in the next couple days, according to Meteo Swiss, the national weather service. Sunday morning 28 October showed a landscape of snow from the peaks down to the plains. Records were broken for lowest temperatures for the date in several areas: […]

Weekend weather and sports (weather and road update!)


Update, Thursday 15:08 Word just in from the national weather service that temperatures will suddenly drop Saturday, with snow down to the plains in eastern Switzerland and an icy “black” bise wind blowing in the west of the country. Note: they recommend that  you do not drive with summer tires! Ed. note: having just tried […]

Brrrr, winter tries to slip in Swiss door

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Below freezing temperatures in Geneva, 30 cm of snow in the centre of Switzerland and 20cm in Fribourg and Bern highlands, with frost throughout much of the country: winter did its best to put in a first appearance of the year in Switzerland Monday 14 October. A few mountain passes were closed, […]

Swiss weekend snow and winter sports report, 24-26 February 2012


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Schools in Vaud are on vacation starting this afternoon, and the weather forecast promises us some of the warmest temperatures since early January. Expect the slopes to be busy. Snow cover is still excellent everywhere, so no matter where you head, you can’t go wrong, but don’t sleep in: the best snow […]

Europe is freezing! (Chappatte cartoon)


©2012 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based Patrick Chappatte works for the International Herald Tribune, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps, and for NZZ am Sonntag. All cartoons reproduced with permission.

The Swedish solution to frigid winter

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – I always thought the characters in Stieg Larsson‘s and Henning Mankell’s Swedish novels drank coffee endlessly out of nervousness or boredom, despite their crime-chasing lives. Our icy winter weather with days on end of sharp winds and sub-zero temperatures on Lake Geneva have made me reconsider that this might just be a […]

Hike with St Bernard dogs

Organized 3x a week by the St Bernard kennels in Martigny, choice of a walk in the vineyards or around Champex