Attack on WHO polio doctor in Pakistan

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND –  Gunmen in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi attacked a UN vehicle, injuring a World Health Organization doctor working on a polio immunization drive Tuesday 17 July. The attack on a Ghanian doctor and his driver came a day after the Taliban reiterated a ban on the polio immunization campaign in the tribal […]

Anti-polio campaign in Pakistan targets aid workers, links to drones

Global Polio Eradiction Initiative, Pakistan 2012

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Taliban leader in Pakistan has lashed out against aid workers who are vaccinating children against polio, saying their efforts are “not sincere”, reports the Guardian. “Leaflets distributed in South Waziristan on behalf of Mullah Nazir, the leader of the Federally Administered Tribal Agencies (Fata) accused health workers who administer anti-polio drops […]

WHO expected to declare polio global health emergency

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The World Health Organization is expected to declare polio a global health emergency as the World Health Assembly convenes in Geneva this week. Bruce Aylward, director of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative at the WHO, said  Thursday 24 May that “Over the last 24 months on three continents – in Europe, in […]

TB numbers down for first time ever


Underfunding is a growing concern, though, says WHO GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Sustained efforts by a number of large countries are responsible for much of the dramatic improvement in the global picture for tuberculosis, the World Health Organization said late Tuesday 11 October. China has halved the prevalence of the disease and seen the number of […]

WHO says too little money goes to mental health prevention

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Money invested in mental health comes to a global average of only $3 per capita, according to the World Health Organization, and in some developing countries it is as low as $.25, with most funds spent on long-term hospitalization. Only two percent of all health resources are invested in mental health services […]

Milan sends car-free citizens to museums, pools


MILAN, ITALY – Sunday 9 October was a car-free day in Milan, designed to get the pollution level, one of Europe’s highest, down to legally acceptable levels. Seventy firefighters and extra police officers ensured that from 08:00 to 18:00 virtually no cars were driven in the city. The city’s safety commissioner said they were also […]

HUG’s transport workers on strike; hospital wins prison care award

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Hug university hospitals in Geneva were handed a surprise strike Thursday 6 October by the workers who transport patients and material, and the union for which they work and hospital officials immediately met. The hospital says in a statement issued during the morning that its first preoccupation is the patients, and […]

Sprouts it is, or appears to be: E. coli cause

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – World Health Organization (WHO) figures Sunday 5 June showed that 21 people have died from E. coli or HUS, which is provoked by E. coli, while in Germany public health authorities in Lower Saxony say they have a “really hot lead” to the cause: bean and other sprouts from a farm 70km […]

Geneva’s international buzz louder than usual

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Geneva prides itself on its international role, but if you sense that the city’s native sons and daughters are outnumbered by foreign guests at the moment, you’re right. Runners, weather and climate specialists, world health workers have all converged on the city for three weeks of events. Geneva Marathon has massive […]

Pacific islanders’ obesity problem balloons: imported food main culprit

Food in the South Pacific (photo: Unicef)

WHO says over 50% population obese in 10 Pacific islands, causing host of health problems Geneva, Switzerland ( – Three Pacific Island regions, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia are home to 10 islands whose populations are suffering from growing health problems, with obesity at the root of the problem. Imported foods are the main culprit, says […]