Climate change investment an opportunity, says expert

Rimmer (photo: Paula Dupraz-Dobias)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Investment in climate change projects provides huge business opportunities and benefits, the head of a Geneva-based certification organization told journalists Thursday 15 May. Adrian Rimmer, CEO of the Gold Standard, said that projects certified by the Geneva organization generate vast benefits in areas including employment, biodiversity and health, according to a study […]

Elephants get a break as Cites opens in Bangkok


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Cites meeting to review the state of the world’s endangered species opened this weekend in Bangkok, Thailand, with a promise from the country’s foreign minister that trading in ivory in the country would be brought to a halt. Thailand’s laws allow some trade but it is also a centre for illegal […]

While shepherds their sheep were watching, the wolf stayed away

Kursleiterin Riccarda Luethi mit einem Italienischen Herdenschutzhund im Einsatz. In einem 4-taegigen Kurs werden Freiwillige auf einen Alp-Einsatz als Hirtenhilfe vorbereitet. Der Pilot-Kurs wurde vom WWF Schweiz initiert.

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A four-year old pilot volunteer shepherd’s aid programme run by the WWF to help de-fuse a fight over wolves in the Swiss Alps has come to a successful conclusion, says the group. It is now being handed over to a new and independent non-profit group, Association pour une exploitation écologique et sûre […]

WWF pressures gov’t not to back out of Bern Convention

MAM 10868

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss branch of environmental group WWF Tuesday 27 November insisted that Switzerland should create a viable plan to protect the wolf, and not leave the Bern Convention following a European decision to continue giving wolves a high level of protection. The Swiss parliament had earlier voted to leave the Convention if […]

“weACT” wins Migros / WWF consumption sustainability award

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – “weACT”, an online social group games startup created by two Zurich women, Majka Baur and Prisca Mueller, has won a joint Migros/WWF sustainable consumption award. The idea behind weACT, says the group, is to promote sustainable lifestyles through group challenges, supported by an online platform. A sample is the ETHZ weACT challenge, where […]

Libreville burns, but this time to the smoke of elephant ivory

Illegal elephant ivory being burned (photo, WWF, James Morgan)

Gabon sets an example for illegal ivory trade GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Gabon today is burning 4,825 kg of elephant ivory, representing 850 animals killed for their tusks. The ivory is the country’s stock captured from the illegal trade. Burning the ivory is the only way to keep stocks seized by states off the black market, […]

WWF’s 2012 Living Planet report holds little good news

“Our natural capital is declining and our Ecological Footprint is increasing.” GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The message is stark: “Humanity’s demands exceed our planet’s capacity to sustain us. That is, we ask for more than what we have.” The implications are dire: food and water for all will happen only if we manage our resources much better. […]

Geneva will turn off its lights Saturday for an hour


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The city of Geneva is one of 30 in Switzerland that will join the worldwide Earth Hour project and turn out lights on public buildings Saturday 31 March from 20:30 to 21:30. This is the fourth year of Earth Hour, begun by WWF, designed to raise awareness of climate change and the […]

Cleantech’s first rankings out; Switzerland could do better

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Denmark comes top and Israel second, with Switzerland coming in with an unremarkable if adequate 15th place in a new ranking of world cleantech industries. The report published 27 February, “Coming Clean: The Cleantech Global Innovations Index 2012″ by consultants Cleantech Group was mandated by WWF. It looks at 38 countries, seeking […]

Calls for Swiss to close Beznau, now the oldest nuclear power plant in world

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A group of environmental organizations that includes WWF called Thursday for Switzerland to close its Beznau nuclear power plant. Switzerland is phasing out nuclear energy but not fast enough, say the groups, who point out that Beznau is now the oldest nuclear power plant in the world, with Oldsbury in England being […]