Update 2 Feb, 11:44  Les Sables d’Olonne, France (GenevaLunch) – A crowd estimated by Vendee Globe organizers at 125,000 people sailed or milled around waiting for winner Michel Desjoyeaux to sail in, with his 60-foot monohull, under sunny skies Sunday afternoon. The excitement turned to dismay for many Monday morning when second-place Roland Jourdain decided to end his race in the Azores after 84 days, trying to sail with a broken keel under very rough conditions.

Desjoyeaux came in at a bright 20 knots, completing the round-the-world solo race in 84 days 03 hours 09 minutes. He becomes the first person to win the grueling skills and endurance race twice. It carried him 28,303 km at an average speed of 13.2 knots. Eighteen of the 30 sailors who began the course have been forced to abandon it, one suffered a broken femur and another capsized and had to be rescued.

The winner said, after coming in, that he expects the next race, in four years, to really be won in 80 days, matching Jule Vernes’ seemingly impossible challenge.

”The record is a bonus.  This is a race and coming home first is what really matters.  We know now though that in four years time they can plan to finish in 80-82 days. Maybe I was not ambitious enough. You’ll have to wait and see whether I come back in three and a half years.”

Roland Jourdain is currently in second place and Armel Le Cléac’h in third. Rankings

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