Montreux, Switzerland – Regina Spektor announced the death of Daniel Cho, a member of her band, at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

On stage with three other band members at Stravinsky Hall, Spektor looked very frail, visibly upset, and upset, and crying.

Spektor mentioned before starting her show that she would try to perform even though her band had lost one member. On Tuesday, 6 July, Cho drowned near Chillon Castle in Montreux when swimming with a friend. It was unclear what to do with this information, but the audience gave her a loud and warm welcome.

The jumbo screen zoomed in on the singer’s sad face while Spektor played several songs with prominent undone elements. She requested to stop taking pictures after the third song.

She managed a smile during “Two Birds” but mostly played melancholic songs, frequently losing her composure. Before leaving the stage, she embraced a band member as she walked away from the mic.

The guitarist then played a tribute to Daniel Cho, and then Spektor came back to sing a Russian song and play a few solo piano pieces.

Canton Vaud authorities can neither confirm nor deny that the drowned man was Cho since his family has not been officially notified. His death is still under investigation.

In addition to Coldplay and John Mayer, Cho played with Katy Perry and John Mayer during their tours. On his MySpace page, he represents himself as open-minded, regardless of whether he is traveling or stuck in a studio all day.