BERN, SWITZERLAND – News has surfaced that the financial institution of Swiss Post – PostFinance – is streamlining the transactions associated with them commencing from March 2013, as reported on the 1st of November. The financial establishment is progressively aiming to achieve banking status in 2013 by being relatively independent henceforth.

Nevertheless, the bank will continue to carry forth its role in the public sector as a federal reserve. They will be required to provide an account to Swiss nationals incorporating but not limited to, even those people who reside overseas and the occupants of Switzerland.

In Spite of all the new rules and guidelines established by the bank, the representative of PostFinance put out a statement assuring continued services of the institution by opening their doors to US nationals who are currently residing in Switzerland.

By doing so, PostFinance will be unique in the services they offer. They will be accessible to the residents of Switzerland including the people of American nationality. PostFinance will be at an advantage as most citizens who belong to the United States are facing trouble with their accounts being shut in light of the newly implemented regulations by the US government.

Division of private accounts

The new rules of the administration offer exclusive clients with two alternatives, the first offer is to subscribe to CHF5 a month while the second offer is to enrol for CHF12 every month.

The initial toll will be inclusive of numerous services that are crucial and directly contribute to the creation and maintenance of the account. However, PostFinance will make sure that the debit card will be provided and will remain without charge.

Customers who have an account value of CHF7500 will have an invoice created which will exclude specifically the compulsory scheduled fee.

Clients who are constantly travelling worldwide are given the opportunity to create another account specially outlined to satisfy their needs and to keep up with their face-paced lifestyle and investment patterns. The charge for the governance and maintenance of the account is totalled up to 12 francs at the end of each cycle. However, if the client’s account value exceeds 25,000 francs, they will be given immunity with respect to the monthly fee.

The future of account tolls is predicted to increase

With a gap of over 8 years for exclusive clients and a gap of 13 years for occupational clients, it has been too long since the world of finance has seen a change in rates. The current account administration will have an influence on professional customers. The new strategy implemented will require a payment of CHF60 at the end of each year,  an increment from the base value of CHF36, enforced by January 1st  2013. Similar to other offers, there will not be a toll payment if CHF7,500 is present in value in holding with the institution.

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