ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – William Olenick from Switzerland has been busy in Republicans Abroad in Switzerland. He sent a particular email to a friend and it has been printed in full laying out the continuous issues of Americans in Switzerland.

The email generally goes along these lines –

‘Dear all it says. The email then goes on to say that one should read the content of the article so as to understand the problems one has to contend with when dealing with the banks.

He goes on to say that for the past 25 years he has been opening important markets for products from America, and in doing so, also been developing new markets for manufacturers. The email says that he has been developing employment for Americans and increasing their tax base.

In his case, markets were Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa and it seemed the right move to set up some kind of operational base in Switzerland, as it’s a smart country and close to these markets.

Then the bank informed him that he could no longer make electronic- or credit transfers to the USA, so he was wondering how he was going to pay his suppliers.

There were those that were managing to evade taxes and greedy bankers were aiding these tax evaders. The email went on to say that the IRS should be stopping untaxed dollars leaving the county but it seems that they are unable to. The lack of foresight from Washington is appalling.

The email then said that this was causing him to have to close down his business which was tax-compliant and legal. He asks whatever happened to going after freedom like the way the constitution describes it.

As an American, he refuses to surrender his citizenship. He says to his readers that they can give these comments on to whoever they wish and are also free to have it printed in whatever publication they wish to as well.

He says we have to get rid of the 2-party system where just 2 major political parties continually dominate as it doesn’t serve its citizens well.

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