The St Prex Classics is one of the most sophisticated and artistic outdoor festivals where the fusion of art and creativity come to life. If you’re a newcomer and have been wondering about the craze behind the event, Thursday – May 30th is your night to live out the experience. RTS will be documenting apotheosis from the festival night hosted in 2012.

For all those who miss the special event, the festival has got you covered, You will be able to access it through their website starting on Friday – 31st May.  The lineup for the festival this year will be featuring a staggering and exceptional blend of arts and artists. The beauty and speciality of the show lie in its exciting and unpredictable nature. The festival runs in the Vieux Bourg region or Lake Geneva waterfront medieval village’s old town from the end of August (20th) to the beginning to September (1st), with 17 sensational shows from the various genres of classical music, jazz, opera and cinema. The 2012 festival is known for the team from EPFL that created an impact by dropping a fresh cover – the floating Luna, that was utilized in the show. Great artists made their debut on the stage of the festival, including an artist starring in 70 movies popularly loved amongst the English-speaking crowd – John Malkovich from America.

The star of Dangerous Liaisons will be making his appearance with the Academy Award winner as they grace the stage with their fusion of theatre, opera and classical music. The year 2013 watched a fascinating red carpet unroll with the presence of many artists from the top of various fields, from the beautiful pianists to the opera singers to cello players and harpists, a celebration of music.

You can get your tickets online by visiting the website Ticket corner.

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