GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Running from 6-16 March, the Geneva Motor Show, will feature DAB+ radio broadcasts. The idea at the motor show is to encourage and push for technology in cars and this is because of the joint efforts of 3 partners at the show.

At the motor show, visitors will be able to listen to services on air in Switzerland. This is according to industry publication Radio World. Visitors to the show will see how digital radio is integrated into dashboards, with quite a few automotive manufacturers already offering DAB+ as an option or as a standard line fit.

Thanks to Swiss public broadcaster SSR SRG, WorldDMB and the European Broadcasting Union, the car show will demonstrate DAB+ ‘s audio and visual radio services.

There are a number of advantages that come with DAB+ that make it such an attractive addition to cars. The strange thing is, manufacturers have been slow to install the system. This seems to be due to the fact of limited service offers, and in France, for instance, a DAB+ network is all but non-existent.

There are a number of DAB+ stations in Switzerland and now things are changing.  Some of the other advantages with DAB+ are no cut-outs in real-time traffic alerts. In fact, one of the advantages that DAB+ retailers and radio stations admire is this better sound, but then a car needs exceptional speakers for this to be evident.

There is still the factor of cost with DAB+ with good color and of course, it can add a significant cost increase to the price of a new car.

We bought a new car with DAB+ but with a smaller screen and this put the price at just a bit more than with traditional radio. Yes, it’s nice to have but I’d wait for DAB+ to be better developed with a better screen before I spend extra on it. I doubt that the motor show exhibitors will be able to convince me to buy just yet.

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