When GenevaLunch reached 10 years of age, it was time for a change. Already news reporting was reduced and I wanted to take a look at changes to online news.

I’m going to continue posting short news items on Facebook. I thrive on news, whether it’s local or international, enjoying comparing how news from  Switzerland is reported in countries such as the UK or the USA. I’ve noted there are often errors because there isn’t a proper understanding of the culture, but this is a fact that applies both ways.

I want to keep sharing news as I think it’s an important way to stay informed and to also question what you read. Facebook is more useful for this than a website, but then again, not everybody is on Facebook.

I will stop actively feeding the GenevaLunch.com web page with news items that are true. I will continue to publish the book reviews and crosswords as well as the cartoons of Patrick Chappatte. The site will continue to operate for as long I see fit simply because of the important archives.

The longest operating source of news ends

GenevaLunch is the longest operating source of news in the Geneva-Lausanne region. So the question is, why end a successful news site like this? There are some good and bad reasons, but mostly because of my wish to focus on writing.  I’m looking forward to my travels and writing plans and my goal is to help others reflect on their world.

I think editors and journalists don’t always get it right either.  It’s thought that breaking news is powerful and sexy but if you’re a true journalist that’s what you do. I worked for 15 years for weekly news magazines and I believe that their attempts to put the news into context served more of a purpose in educating people than sensational breaking news that some journalists scramble for to get them their spot in the limelight.

The news has to be simple and accurate

Quite frankly, I think that many journalists care more about the news than the man on the street does.  Today there are more voices out there delivering news and we need good journalists with good reporting skills. True, you may not like everything that journalists report on, but the journalist with proper editorial training is more credible than those who stir what they read somewhere else and just reproduce it.

People watching the news aren’t stupid and they recognize trashy articles. There needs to be a new style of reporting and writing tools and the question is are news readers and watchers truly getting the important news in all its truth?

We’re not getting the truth

Are we better informed about world events than our grandparents were? Nobody wants to hear selective news, but unfortunately, that is what people are being fed, and journalists often have the power to sway emotions and thoughts by the way they communicate certain events.

Not every event is necessarily newsworthy, but many journalists communicate the news anyway according to their own opinions and culture, trying to influence people. What’s your opinion on the news?

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