If you just signed the lease on your apartment, unlocked the door for the first time, and sat on the floor, you are not the first young person to find themselves without a place to sit. That’s why we give you a guide to furnishing your first apartment. There have been many college students who furnished their living rooms with lawn chairs and their bedrooms with sleeping bags on the floor.

But starting out fresh isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you want to get the best furniture for your new home, you should be focused more on quality than affordability. It is important to get cheap furniture, but you don’t want furniture that is cheaply made. There is a very distinct difference. Still, there are some furnishings that can wait if they must.


Your first order of business is to decide what furniture you want and a timeline for how you will buy it. You can often save money by ordering an entire living room set at one time, but you may not have that much to work with. Buying one sofa alone is more affordable, but you’ll be less likely to get good discounts. You can search online to get some affordable home furnishings ideas.

In the end, the sofa is the first piece of furniture that any single person should buy. The sofa gives you a place to sit while you watch TV and a place for guests to sit if you have some buddies over. You can also sleep on the sofa, which is much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. It allows you to table your bedroom for later down the line, and build your way up through the rooms that everyone uses, saving your bedroom for last so that you can get it just right.

Guide to Furnishing Your First Apartment


If you’re not buying a matched set of furniture, your possibilities for a sofa are nearly endless. With the entire world at your fingertips, you can order the perfect furniture from almost anywhere in the world. Having so many options can be overwhelming, but you need to narrow things down before you actually search.

For example, do you want your sofa to be a particular color, shape, style, or material? Answering these questions in a brainstorming session will give you a whole string of keywords to use for your internet search. What are your favorite colors? What is your favorite interior design style or period? Since this is the first thing you are buying for your new apartment, it is your chance to set the theme for the room.

You should also consider the use of the sofa once you furnish the rest of the apartment. If you will be able to furnish your bedroom within just a few weeks, you may not need to get a sleeper sofa. However, if you plan on having overnight company on a semi-regular basis, you should consider a pull-out sofa bed. It will make you more comfortable in the beginning and be useful later down the road as well.

As you are furnishing your first apartment, separate a room for your man cave where you can spend some quality time alone. Choose some heavy-duty furniture and do some manly decorations to make your man cave more attractive and original. You can also add a video game station and a bar in your man cave.

bed room

You might also consider if you want to get a sofa that has additional features like charging stations, led reading lights, or hidden storage that can come in handy when it is your only piece of furniture. Once you find some sofas that you would enjoy, search sofa browse page of reputable online furniture stores to get the best prices.

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