Ramadan is a month of blessings for the faithful, and every Ramadan always brings several bounties and blessings for the believers.

This is true for every Ramadan, including the current one in which the Gambian expatriates can send more than just money to their loved ones. Those who reside in foreign countries to earn a living and send money to Gambia to offer financial support to their families back home can enable their families and get a chance to win a 500ml cooking oil bottle for every remittance of GMD 3,000/- or more received through ACE Money Transfer & Yonna exchange by referring your friends.

ACE Money Transfer has launched another exciting campaign this Ramadan in collaboration with Yonna Forex to offer a special Ramadan gift of edible oil.

The company has launched this exciting campaign to facilitate its valued customers, and the emphasis is on the Gambian expatriates because of a few reasons discussed below.

The Details Of The Current Exciting Campaign


The ongoing campaign highlights Gambian expatriates residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. By sending money through ACE Money Transfer to any Yonna Forex foreign branch in Gambia during Ramadan, their beneficiaries can receive a free Ramadan gift.

Gambian migrants sending GMD 3,000/- or more through ACE Money Transfer to Yonna Forex in Gambia can participate and let their loved ones win a 500ml cooking oil bottle on each transaction.

Participation in the campaign is simple and requires you to do nothing new.

You are already transferring funds to the Gambia from several countries, including those listed above. But this time, doing so from the designated countries and through the channels explained briefly above will allow you to grab an opportunity to win exciting prizes for your loved ones.

Get complete campaign details here: https://acemoneytransfer.com/promotion/gambia-ramadan-offer.

The Collaboration Between ACE Money Transfer And Yonna Forex

ACE Money Transfer has launched this current campaign in close collaboration with one of the biggest online money transfer services in the Gambia, Yonna Forex.

Yonna Forex has been serving the remittance needs of the Gambian people for the past several years now, with a wide branch network consisting of 52 branches across the country.

The institution’s wide branch network makes it easy for the recipients to approach the company easily as they do not have to travel long distances, which incur huge commuting costs, which is the case with several service providers.

It is not only confined to the distances only; there are several other advantages that recipients to whom the Gambian migrants send money can get from Yonna Forex while collecting funds from it.

The Campaign Duration

The campaign is time-bound and will run from the 1st day to the last day of Ramadan. Gambian expatriates have 29 to 30 days to participate and increase the chances of their loved ones winning a 500ml cooking oil bottle.

About The Prizes

Food items are some of the core life essentials. With global food prices rising steeply with each passing day, it is becoming increasingly difficult for most of the global population to manage food items viably and provide for the family with ease.

In this context, oil is added to this campaign to ease off the burden to a conservative extent.

And that the usage of oil increases in Ramadan more than in other months is well established and goes without saying.

Does Participation Mean Winning Prizes?

Winning Prizes

The current campaign of a free 500ml cooking oil bottle as a Ramadan gift doesn’t involve any lucky draws or registration processes.

There is a difference between participation and ensuring that the beneficiaries of the Gambian migrants win the prizes integrated into the campaign.

They can become eligible to participate by sending GMD 3,000/- or more to Yonna Forex in the Gambia from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, through ACE Money Transfer.

But to increase their chances of winning free oil bottles for their families and friends, the Gambian diasporas will have to follow the following tip.

Tip To Increase Chances To Win

it is simple.

Make completed transactions, each of GMD 3,000/- or more, to Yonna Forex in the Gambia through ACE Money Transfer across the campaign duration and make one transaction of the stipulated amount daily for as long as the campaign lasts. Remember that sending multiple transactions to one recipient in a day will be counted as a single entry carrying only one bottle of edible oil. To let your loved ones win more bottles, send money to multiple recipients or make daily transactions until the end of Ramadan if you have a single recipient in the Gambia.

Keeping the transfer amount equal to or more than GMD 3,000/- but not less than that and sending it daily throughout the campaign time will increase the chances to win a 500ml oil bottle freely.

The recipients of remittances in the Gambia can get as many bottles as the number of transfers made according to the deadlines.

Considerations To Launch The Current Campaign

The following few are the most important considerations that the company focused on for the launch of this exciting campaign.

Little Migrant Workforce Of The Gambia

According to USAID, The Gambia’s total population is slightly over 2 million, with one-tenth of its people working as migrants in other countries. Now, the presence of the said 10th of a total of 2 million in the listed countries is, needless to say, less.

Therefore, this entire migrant force is unable to support the country’s economy through inward remittances, as is the case with several other developing countries.

Gambian Economy

The Teetering Gambian Economy

  • In 2021, The Gambia’s nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was reported by The World Bank as $2.04 billion.
  • According to another World Bank report, The Gambia’s GDP per capita income in 2021 was $772.2.

These economic figures, coupled with the low inward remittance flow, strangulate the Gambian economy to the point where life becomes suffocating for most people due to financial stress.

Inward Gambian Remittances

The Central Bank of the Gambia (CBG) has stated that in 2022 the Gambian diaspora had sent in $712 million in inward remittances. This amount is far lower than other developing countries in the same region.

These considerations prompted the company to launch the campaign with exciting prizes.

ACE Money Transfer – Doling Out Exciting Prizes

Simply nudge your remittances in ACE Money Transfer’s & Yonna Forex’s way, win a 500ml oil bottle, and get several other benefits like live exchange rates, speed, safety, and much more in exchange for low fees.

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