Setting up a business overseas is a challenging journey. You have to choose the right destination in the first place. Those who have ancestral roots in Italy have good business opportunities there. Everything boils down to finding a country with a favorable environment, market conditions, tax structure, and regulations for foreign-owned businesses. But most entrepreneurs tend to forget about the immigration norms of the country. Italy is one of the best destinations for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to extend global reach.

The country lets you claim citizenship if you have ancestral roots, so it makes sense to leverage them for a business opportunity. You can check Bersani Law Firm website to know more about how the process works. The best thing about citizenship by descent is that it enables you to stay here for good and get all the benefits of a citizen right away. It will be easy to set up and grow your venture in the country. Let us explain the process in detail.

Start with an eligibility check

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Eligibility is the primary concern when it comes to claiming citizenship by descent. On the surface, it seems that having parental or ancestral connections is enough to qualify. But there are more factors to consider if you dig deeper. Your ancestor should have been alive at the time of Italian unification in 1861 or later. Also, they should not have renounced their citizenship status by naturalizing elsewhere before the next in line was born. Besides checking these criteria, ensure that you do not come into an exception. Having a female ancestor can make you an exception to Jure Sanguinis. According to Italian immigration law, a woman could not pass citizenship rights to her offspring before 1948. If your female relative gave birth before 1948, you will have to claim citizenship through the 1948 Rule.

Get your documents in place

Once you have clarity about your eligibility, document gathering should be your priority. It can be the trickiest part of the entire process because you have to follow an extended checklist of requirements. It includes several documents like birth, marriage, and death records from your ancestor’s local comune. You can expect it to be a challenge as traveling to Italy in search of age-old documents will not be easy. But collaborating with a local citizenship expert can make the process easier. Likewise, you will have to obtain naturalization records from the country of your current residence. These have to be translated into Italian and legalized with an apostille stamp. The process is daunting but make sure you have complete and accurate documentation before going ahead with the next steps.

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Apply at your local consulate

After the struggle for gathering your documents, you will find this part easy. The good thing about the Jure Sanguinis process is that you can apply for citizenship at your local Italian consulate. It means you will not have to spend on traveling to Italy to complete the formalities. But the thing that may stress you out is the long waiting period for your citizenship interview appointment. Typically, consulates have long queues of citizenship applications. You may have to wait for several months or a year to get your turn. Ensure you are all set with the paperwork to breeze through the interview without any hindrances.

Seek the assistance of a citizenship expert

When looking to leverage citizenship by descent for a business opportunity, you will want to cut the hassles. The last thing you want to struggle with is the second passport formalities when you have to focus on your business idea. But seeking the assistance of a citizenship expert can make things stress-free. They are there for every step, from assessing your eligibility to helping you sort your paperwork and getting you ready for the interview. Moreover, you feel more confident with an expert by your side. It means you need not worry about the process and can chase your entrepreneurial dreams instead.

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Obtaining a second passport through the descent route can take some effort. But you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity if you have plans to set up a business in Italy. Once you complete the process, you have the right to live and work in the country. You can even travel across the EU and extend the reach of your business. Your family can come along and start a new life in Italy. It is truly the best way to achieve your business aspirations as you can jump several hurdles and reach your goal quickly. Just make sure you have an expert showing the way, and the entire journey becomes smooth.

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