Finding good apartments with garages can save you a lot of concern with your car as it provides it with a safe space and property search portals have thousands of apartments to rent or to buy with all kinds of parking solutions.

Most landlords would like to be able to offer decent tenants a nice place to stay. They want to be able to provide the basic necessities in exchange for some rent. Garages are an important part of looking for an apartment.

Some people own three or four cars in their family and they want a garage for each one. People with cars particularly look for Miami Shores apartments with garages because they know that they can benefit from an auto insurance reduction if their car is parked in a garage. Garages come with certain restrictions so it is important to speak to your landlord about any restrictions on the use of the garage or garages that come with your apartment. Coach houses are a popular form of new build properties with a flat above leased garages – but as some are used by neighbours you need to make sure you have adequate coach house insurance.

Garages Are Attached To Units

Garages Are Attached To Units

There was a time long ago when garages were built separately from homes. Private owned apartments or homes have residential garages for one or two cars, although in more affluent neighborhoods you will find homes with 4 garages. These days new apartments with garages have the garage attached to the unit. The garage typically has an entry door into the apartment or house.

Most new garages today have an electrical mechanism to automatically open the garage door as you approach it. Many of these garages are large, and even with cars parked inside, have plenty of leftover space for the storage of all sorts of things.

Apartment Hunting Over The Weekends

Apartment Hunting Over The Weekends

Sometimes people searching specifically for apartments with garages are not happy with the suggestion of a carport – they particularly want a garage. So if you are specifically looking for apartments with garages, how do you go about finding such apartments?

Many people still do things in an old-fashioned way. They get into their cars and go apartment hunting over the weekends. They drive out to the neighborhoods they like and look out for ‘for sale’ boards. They jot down the name and telephone number of the agent and start making inquiries on different properties on Monday.

When people sell their places, it is still more or less standard practice to put up a for-sale sign outside. However, most people conduct online property searches simply because of the speed at which they can be done. Certainly, they started their search by going online. Later they may go on a drive to check out certain for sale boards and to make inquiries that way.

Garages – A Top Amenity

When it comes to apartments, you can imagine that parking issues will happen as some apartments would not have much parking or none at all. So apartments with garages will require some research. Garages, in any case, are not the same as what they used to be.

Developers of new apartments are having to think twice about how to construct these garages – above ground or below ground. Above ground is certainly less costly than below ground.

Developers have to think carefully about how many garages to include. How many people will be living in the apartments, how big the garages must be, how many cars can be parked in them, and what do their local municipalities have to say about new garages? Planning for onsite parking is a massively important aspect of building new apartments. People view garages as a top amenity. Cars are getting bigger too and the usual garage sizes are needing to increase. Then again, there are some developers that do not provide much parking in their apartment buildings because there is so much public transportation. Also, with more electric cars coming into the picture, garage designs have to keep pace by including electric charging stations.

What do you want to do? Rent an apartment with a garage or buy an apartment with garages? Renting these days is always a convenience because if it is not ideal, you do not have to stay for long. You have to start your search for apartments with garages early as they are definitely harder to find than apartments that come with parking bays or carports.

People want apartments with garages because most times they come with lawnmowers, tools, bicycles, paints and lots of other things. That’s precisely why they value garage space so much. They want to use it for storage purposes.

Some people even want to use their garage as a workshop. Certainly, if you have a car or two you will want garages for their safekeeping. There is nothing like a hail storm to have you fretting about the damage to your cars. Not even a carport will provide you with the protection you need.

Because of the many reasons that people use their garages, you do not even need to own cars to justify your reason for looking for apartments with garages.

Apartments With Garages On Property Portals

Apartments With Garages On Property Portals

Many people still look in property magazines to search for property. However, in 2021, the most popular way for people to hunt for a property is to look at property online portals. Of course, scams exist everywhere, so use a reputable, regulated, well-known property search portal.

In the United States, some of the biggest and most well known real estate listing sites are among others –

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Movoto
  • RealtyTrac

Between all of these and others, you can find lists of apartments, houses, farms, and vacant land. You will find that some of the apartment listings are very detailed too, leaving you with no doubt about what you will be getting. You will be able to find your ideal property by searching through their databases of property for sale by estate agents but also individuals.

If you are looking for apartments with garages, you’d think that one of the most obvious places to look would be on They are the leading online apartment listing websites. Can you believe that they offer renters access to information about them from no less than 1,000,000 units?

The network of home rental sites includes 9 rental sites offering excellent exposure to their rental listings. They offer more apartments than other apartment listing websites, offering easy access to its listings through a responsive website. too is an apartment finder site but you can also look for houses on the site. All their properties are for medium- and long-term rentals. The site also has some tools for different kinds of apartment seekers. There are filters for you to find certain things and some of the listed apartments also have 3D virtual tours.

Choose Your Neighborhood

Choose Your Neighborhood

Once you have settled on the right property portal, the next thing is to choose the neighborhood you specifically want your apartment to be in. People choose certain areas based on things such as safety, amenities, beauty, closeness to shops, and affordability.

That’s why you have to have a budget in mind before you start looking for the apartments with garages that you are after. That’s the beauty of using these property portals. They make searching for a particular property so easy. You can search for private-owned apartments with garages by stipulating in the left-hand categories what price range you are looking for.

They also give you the option to say how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like, how many garages, and so on. You can opt to have alerts sent to your cell phone when a property comes up that meets your criteria.

The best place to find apartments with garages is on these property portals, This is because they also offer virtual apartment tours. This has become the new norm. If you are not able to meet the seller of the apartment, these virtual rental property showings are a fantastic alternative. Some landlords want these virtual walkthroughs of their property on their listing so that people can know exactly what’s available.

Get Clarity On The Garages

Get Clarity On The Garages

When it comes to looking for an apartment with a garage by means of a virtual tour, it is important to ask questions which can be done online. Some of these questions in terms of parking spaces will be –

  • Is there guest parking?
  • How many parking bays does each unit come with?
  • Does the unit come with any garages?
  • Do the garages open manually or automatically?
  • Can a person request additional parking areas?

People who are downscaling and moving from a large home to an apartment like the idea of apartments with garages as they want that extra space to store stuff they can’t sell. Unfortunately, one of the negative aspects of many stylish apartments is that garages are not always available and you may only get a carport.

Occasionally you do find apartments that come with a couple of garages with each unit. You are lucky then if you are a one-car family moving in as then you can even sub-let the garage to someone who would like the extra space for their car and who does not have a garage.

When it comes to looking for apartments with garages, many people these days think a garage is a luxury. Covid-19 has meant that money is tight with lots of people and then garages are counted as a luxury as are a 2nd or 3rd bathroom and a swimming pool. They have to settle on a parking bay and not even a carport.

Of course, it depends on where you live as well. If you live in Washington or Oregon, you might have to scrap your car clean of snow each morning before you set off to work. Sometimes your car would not even start. If you live in Oklahoma or Kansas, you will be looking for apartments with garages because debris from a tornado could turn out to be very costly damage to your car.

If you can afford to, there are so many advantages to investing in apartments with garages –

  • your car has more security from theft
  • it is better protected in a garage
  • garages can be turned into a hundred and one different things – from home offices to music rooms to just plain storage.

Obviously, getting an apartment with a garage or garages is going to come with a higher price tag. Apartments with garages are always going to be coveted but you have to decide whether you can afford the garages.

If you are particularly looking for apartments with garages, not every complex offers them. So what happens if your apartment does not have garages or even parking bays for that matter? You have to park in the street or hire parking elsewhere. Many people do not consider property without a garage.

Do private owned apartments have private garages? Having your own dedicated place to park your car is an important factor when looking for an apartment. Without a dedicated garage, you may have to rent space somewhere in your complex’s lot or park in the street.

Nothing is free in life, and if you do have free parking in your complex, chances are good that the price is somehow factored in.

Garages Raise Your Rental Significantly

Parking on-site can make a significant difference to the price you pay for renting an apartment with a garage. Private apartments with garages are to be found on many different property search portals.

These portals are beneficial to buyers, sellers, and renters as well as landlords, providing them with access to information on millions of properties, the option of virtual tours, and priority viewings with property alerts. The best thing is that private apartments with garages are found in a neighborhood you are interested in.

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