If we are talking about dangerous places, high mountain areas should be on our list. But, often people who visit the mountains tend to forget this harsh truth. A policeman from Canton, Bern says visitors often overlooked the fact that the mountain areas are very dangerous places. When Genevalunch asked questions about the disappearance of 2 young men from a small town of Wengen in 3 years in this mountain area, the police spokesperson uttered these words.

On Monday 28, a body was found in an area below a high cliff and later was recognized as Myles Robinson. He was a 23 years old man who was missing from December 22.

After the body Of Myles was found, media reposts raised questions about the possible link of an unsolved death of a 21 years old guy named Daniel Baptista. He died in 2006. Police didn’t comment on these questions as the case was being handled by a magistrate or an investigating judge.

In May 2009, a young tourist of 12 years old disappeared in Trummelbach Falls. His dead body was found after a month.

Though the police didn’t comment on the cases, one of their spokespeople said that the mountain is a very dangerous place and often people who visit the mountains tend to forget this harsh truth. That’s why there are so many unsolved missing cases still pending.

The police spokesperson says- “This has to be emphasized, over and over. Wengen is a community that is very spread out, and it covers a lot of mountainous terrains. There are places where people who live there never go, for safety’s sake.”

Wengen is a village that has cliffs and woods covering its three sides. People love to visit Wengen for hiking, climbing, and skiing. There are also many wonderful waterfalls in Wengen. The Trummelbach Falls is also included in the list.

As there are many who travel to Wengen or want to go there, the police are asking them to be careful always. They say that the only way to avoid being missing in the mountain area is to have the proper knowledge and be extra cautious.

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