When implementing boys bathroom ideas, be ready to make plenty of choices. You should consider things like the vanity area, floor, bathtub and shower, lighting, toilets, accessories, paint color, etc. To make your boy’s bathroom a reality, a lot of little things must come together. Remember that your budget will ultimately determine all of the choices you make while implementing the boys bathroom ideas that are aesthetic bathroom ideas as well. Spending much on both cabinets and floor may not be possible but you must do something.

Your financial situation should be the first thing on your mind before beginning any kind of implementation of the boys bathroom ideas. Nobody likes talking about money, yet it’s crucial. Your budget will dictate how you decorate your bathroom. Do you want heated floors or a stunning backsplash? Unless you have a limitless amount of money, you’ll need to know your priorities and how much you’re willing to spend. There must be a compromise. This article describes how to decorate a bathroom using aesthetic bathroom ideas for boys in a budget-friendly way.

Budget-Friendly Boys Bathroom Ideas

How to decorate a bathroom using aesthetic bathroom ideas for boys that are budget friendly are explained below:


bathroom storage

In each property you own, storage is essential. Without enough storage, your home may seem crowded and disorganized. There is no exemption in your bathroom. The room might get cluttered if you don’t have enough storage space for tiny stuff. You may make a space appear much better by investing in some baskets, open shelf units, and doorway hooks. Use a shower caddy and storing jars to arrange smaller objects.

Increasing the utility of a simple vanity may be as simple as adding a container for toothpaste and toothbrushes. As a result, valuable counter space will be made available. If your bathroom does include a linen closet, be sure to maintain it neat and tidy just like the rest of the bathroom. In addition, you are welcome to store extra bath towels and accessories in this space.

Smooth Underfoot

An ideal substitute for engineered or laminate wood is vinyl plank flooring. The economical solution may be installed with only a utility knife and costs typically less than $1.40 per square foot. Start by measuring the bathroom floor’s area and adding 6% to accommodate for waste. Next, purchase the item from your neighborhood home improvement shop while keeping in mind the finest finishes for the amount of traffic in the space. Since the color is so neutral and helps to conceal defects and dust, mild grey tones are ideal for children’s rooms that are used often. Use a utility knife to cut the vinyl plank strips to size, then lay each plank side by side and trim any excess.

Lighting Fixtures

bathroom lighting fixtures

When we are talking about boys bathroom ideas, lighting is extremely important. Change hardware and lights on a budget. Modernizing cabinet hardware may make a big impact. You may repair light fixtures yourself or hire an electrician. When in doubt, seek support from professionals.

Being risky is undesirable, especially when dealing with electricity. Light fixture replacement is inexpensive. Another excellent approach to give a dull area a fresh appearance is to replace the sink and shower faucets. A spa-style showerhead might be installed as an extra bonus to bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. You can fix this easily. Except if your faucet is so ancient that the rust has eaten through it and you are not able to remove it. The plumber you contact will then need to actually use a saw to cut through the hardware. This is a fast and simple DIY that has a big impact for little work and price.


It’s very common and popular to use backsplash ideas for bathrooms. Your bathroom walls are protected and given elegance with a backsplash. Find materials that match your taste and budget with the guidance of the many backsplash ideas for bathrooms, whether it be traditional metro tile, rustic wood planks, or trendy patterned wallpaper. Some of the most popular backsplash ideas for bathrooms are imitation concrete, wood plank, and penny tile bathroom backsplashes.


bathroom cabinets

To have a fresh appearance, you don’t have to purchase brand-new cabinets. Your bathroom may be given new life by painting your outdated cabinetry. See my How-To article on painting cabinets. You can learn more about the finest cabinet paint if you’ve previously considered painting your cabinets. Don’t let this project frighten you. You may have a completely new appearance for a fraction of the price of new cabinets, but it will necessitate some effort and patience.

A fantastic suggestion is to think about stock cabinets if your present cabinets are far beyond their prime to paint. Utilizing pre-made cabinets from Home Depot for your bathroom is always an option. Then, without spending more money on custom cabinetry, you may paint the cabinets whatever color you desire to create a whole different appearance.


Altering a room’s flooring is a great way to have a noticeable and significant impact on the aesthetic of the space as a whole. If you don’t want to, there is no need for you to go out and spend a lot of money on totally new flooring. You are free to put that expenditure first if that is what you want to do; but, if you want to give the look of brand new wood to your existing floors, you may provide them a makeover by doing it yourself and giving them the appearance of brand new wood. There is no need to get a professional contractor for minor real wood floor repair when you can do it yourself. You only need to follow the simple instructions on how the floor installation works.

Clean, Regrout, And Repaint

Does your grout or bathtub seem to be dirty always? It never seems clean no matter how frequently you wash it. Your shower wall and tub may seem bright and tidy after regrouting. To refresh your bathroom, you may also repaint your bathtub. Even if you could potentially do this yourself, it would probably be better managed by a professional since it involves a lot of labor and requires accuracy. You can also search for shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms. Using shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms can be a great way to decorate your bathroom. So, don’t forget to implement shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms.

Quick Faucet Switch

bathroom faucet

By changing faucets, contractor-grade bathroom vanities may be quickly and affordably dressed up. The black marble vanity in any boy’s bathroom usually has an outdated plastic faucet before its renovation. The vanity comes with a vintage faucet that has been modified in a farmhouse design in its present condition. Always check below to see how many holes have been bored into the surface before looking for a new vanity faucet. Vanities are available in single-, double-, and triple-hole versions at the home improvement shop, all of which are designed to swiftly and efficiently attach to a current countertop.

Bottom Line

You don’t need to make all of these improvements to your bathroom to make it more visually beautiful and pleasant by using the boys bathroom ideas. You may make some of these changes or none of them at all. The coolest thing is that if your taste shifts in the future, you can simply update it again to get a fresh and exciting bathroom using some new boys bathroom ideas. Instead of completely remodeling the bathroom, maybe you could just make a few simple adjustments here and there. I hope after reading this article you got a few of the most common boys bathroom ideas and now you know how to decorate a bathroom using them.

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