It is no secret; Cardano has gained traction among the cryptocurrency and fintech community over the past few years. Everything about Cardano is exciting. But is it just another hype that will follow the way of the TerraUSD and collapse as the market reconfigures itself, or does it have actual chances of survival? Do the current price projections of ADA Cardano offer any optimism to investors?

Read on to find answers to these technical questions.

Crucial Things To Know About Cardano

Differentiating Cardano ADA

Cardano ADA

While most people talk of Cardano while referring to the cryptocurrency, Cardano is actually the blockchain system supported by ADA as its core token currency. Cardano relies on a two-tiered network that encourages faster transaction processing time, thus rivaling competitors. The Cardano Settlement Layer (CCSL) carries the unit of account and allows for transactions in the system. It is linked to the Cardano Computation Layer (CCL), which recognizes identity and hosts smart contracts and dApps.

Initially, one could only invest in Cardano through third-party cryptos such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. This set a negative price point on Cardano as it was less independent. Currently, though, Cardano is prominent in all major exchanges, including;

  • Coinbase
  • eToro
  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • WeBull
  • Bitfinex
  • Sofi

While Ethereum is superior to Bitcoin by introducing smart contracts and integrated apps (dApps), Ethereum’s killer seeks to take that to the next level. Using the Plotus language, Cardano hosts 1017 decentralized apps. An increase in these projects on the platform will stabilize Cardano’s price point going forward.

Differentiating Cardano ADA

dApps Built On Cardano

Other hosted capabilities include crowdfunding, cost-efficient supply chain management, and IoT monitoring.

The chief marketing officer of was once quoted comparing Cardano to Bitcoin. In terms of efficiency, Cardano is far above Bitcoin by over 20,000 times. She said this in reference to Cardano’s Ouroboros proof-of-stake mining algorithm. In fact, Ethereum is looking to implement the proof-of-stake technique, which may dissipate Cardano’s hopes to overtake Ethereum like the last drops of a heavy downpour. Will this bring the price of Cardano down, or do they still stand a chance?

Environmental Concerns & Sustainability

Although Cardano is yet to reach the enterprise level of Ethereum, it has captured the attention of large organizations, including the World Economic Forum. Cardano was among the first to offer a solution to excessive energy consumption for cryptocurrencies. In this regard, Cardano may be a force to rival and a good investment channel with ADA Cardano price prediction set to gain momentum.

Cryptocurrency Annual Energy Consumption
Bitcoin 127 terawatt hours
Ethereum 50 terawatt hours
Cardano 6-gigawatt hours

To put things into perspective, Bitcoin annually uses the energy consumption of an entire country of 45 million people. On the other hand, Cardano only requires the energy consumption of 600 homes. This is sustainable! Talk of the greenest blockchain in the block. The site gained popularity as Elon Musk praised sustainability in the crypto space, which in a way led to the highest Cardano price point in September last year.

leading smart chains
Cardano listed among the leading smart chains by development progress in 2022

ADA Cardano Price Analysis

When ADA Cardano entered the finance world, it retailed at $0.10. It reached its highest point in September during the cryptocurrency bull’s run when it hit $3.10. Today, Cardano is selling at a high of $0.4722 and a low of 40.4521, with a market cap of $15.818B.

Cardano to USD Chart
Cardano to USD Chart as of 27th July 2022

But what is the current price prediction for Cardano ADA? Well, the price volatility in the cryptocurrency space makes it hard to forecast long-term investments. However, with Cardano’s initialization of the fourth development – Basho – the network is expected to welcome more members and increase utility in the commercial sector. IOHK, the company that controls Cardano, calls it the Era of Scalability & Interoperability. This may depend well on Cardano’s price prediction and even stabilize prices beyond the $1.9 price resistance by the end of 2022.

Cardano Goals And Growth Forecast

Cardano Foundation
Cardano Foundation’s 2023 – 2024 Goals

Metcalfe’s Law may better explain Cardano’s growth potential. With the growth in nodes and number of users, the value of Cardano’s network technology may follow a similar trajectory as with Ethereum and even surpass it. The CEO announced a 5-10-year valuation of hosting 1 billion users. Talk of aiming for the galaxy! Moreover, Cardano hopes to enroll 50 banks by 2026 and 3 Fortune 500 companies by 2025. Currently, the platform is partnering with the Ethiopian government to introduce blockchain enrollment in education. If these goals are realized, we’d be talking of a Cardano price prediction range of between $4.7-$7.3 by 2025.

Summary – Cardano Investment Guide

Don’t chew more than you can handle, even though Cardano price forecasts may look promising. Cryptos are highly volatile, and many may collapse in the coming years. So, when investing, never go all in. Use tools to help you trade like a pro with prominent exchanges. For instance, eToro offers an advanced risk management tool to protect investors from cryptocurrency market volatility. You can also have your investment portfolios managed by hired experts in top exchanges.

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