The scrutiny on business leaders to take action against climate change has seen businesses embracing efficient and environmentally friendly ways through the ESG framework. ESG jobs focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the workplace.

Sustainability is a diverse area cutting across many industries, and in the employment context, it combines environmental, social, and governance factors. You can be interested in working in this sector due to the values you hold, your knowledge base, or the opportunities that this sector provides.

Here are sustainable employment options you can consider.

Banking And Finance Sector

Consumer Finance Account

Sustainable employment options in the banking and finance sector require a relevant economics, accounting, banking, or commerce background. You can work as an ESG analyst, providing the company with financial advice. As a financial analyst, you will also employ due diligence in scrutinizing the non-financial aspects of investment opportunities, including the environmental impacts and public opinion.

An analyst requires an educational background in sustainability, including certification from the CFA and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Other skills include project management, people skills, and strong research and analytical skills.

The Consultancy Sector

A career in the ESG consultancy sector entails liaising with businesses to offer clarity on sustainability and social responsibility. An ESG consultant will do sustainability assessments, develop sustainability plans and help companies in their ESG performance reporting. With more businesses embracing sustainability in their operations, the consultancy sector is expected to rank higher in sustainable employment options.

Environmental Or Sustainability Engineer

A career in environmental engineering involves designing operating systems that do not compromise on the natural resources and environment for future generations. Engineers use technology to improve their company’s ESG metrics and attain ESG goals. Some of the areas environmental and sustainability engineers work on include:

  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Flood risks
  • Management of pollutants
  • Waste disposal

ESG Researcher Career

ESG Researcher Career

The ESG researcher is another top-ranking career in sustainable employment options. ESG researchers gather data, interpret and look for new insights that can cause improvement. As an ESG researcher, you need a mathematical and statistical background to interpret the information and summarize details.

Concerns In The ESG Sustainable Employment Options

With the increase in the demand for ESG careers, there have been criticisms in the field, and if you are looking forward to excelling in this space, you should prepare to address them. These criticisms include the lack of standardization in defining and measuring ESG criteria. As different organizations use different methodologies and criteria, it is challenging to compare performance among companies, affecting investor decisions.

ESG Sustainable Employment

Greenwashing is another concern, where some companies present their operations as more sustainable than they are in the real sense.  Finally, there is concern that ESG focus comes at a financial expense, with critics arguing that companies prioritizing sustainability and CSR may be less profitable.

Consider Sustainable Employment Options With Careers in ESG

Careers in ESG are expected to increase as companies prioritize these principles. Therefore, pursue a relevant degree if interested in consultancy, finance, engineering, or research. You can also start your career and build a strong foundation through volunteering and internships.

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