CartonCloud is a cloud-based transportation management system and warehouse management system. It is developed for trades in industries such as e-commerce, logistics, refrigerated transportation, and more. It is a well-throughout platform on the internet.

The bulk allocation features of CartonCloud lets the users automatically assign numerous jobs based on suburbs and postcodes. It also offers features for address strings, temperature zones, numerous packagings, vehicle pursuit, group consignments, lodge consignments, blunders, and more.

Read the full article carefully. Here we describe what CartonCloud is, its features, and alternatives for your consideration.

What Is CartonCloud?


All jobs are accordingly designed within this scheme. Clients can email a spreadsheet instantly with CartonCloud. It merges with accounting techniques and authorizes the users to insert rate cards for labor-saving billing, invoicing, and the calculation of charges.

However, the stock report feature enables both clients and users to discover inward goods, the time duration of an item to stock in and its due to go out, as well as strain by the expiry date, batch number, and more.

It also incorporates the shopping cart designs such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify through Zapier.

CartonCloud Reviews:

  1. CartonCloud is a great software for logistics companies. It helps the companies to boost fecundity and later it delivers more satisfactory service.
  2. The automated features create the system easier and more dependable.
  3. Clients and users are very happy with the system to assist in items of need.
  4. It is fantastic software overall but it should come with more ready-to-use combinations with other large platforms.
  5. It is effortless to put up and provides full approval from operating staff to address any problems.
  6. Some users say that there is no pre-built unification in this platform either upstream or downstream.

CartonCloud Features:

CartonCloud Features

Here are the common features of the CartonCloud software including–

  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  •  Multi-location
  • Shipping management
  • Order management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Driver management
  • Routing
  • Dispatch management
  • Cross-docking
  • Fleet management
  • Carrier management
  • Purchasing
  • 3PL management

CartonCloud Alternatives:

CartonCloud Alternatives

Like all the internet platforms, CartonCloud has also some alternatives and competitors including–

  • ShipHero:

ShipHero is a cloud-based multi-channel product and warehouse management system. It is designed for retailers and third-party logistics suppliers. It offers tools for inventory, managing orders, shipping, batch picking, returns, and more.

  • Easyship:

This cloud-based shipping platform is specially created for global e-commerce. This system provides tools for the users to manage international and domestic shipping through shipping providers and more than fifty countries.

  • inFlow Inventory:

It is a full-fledged solution for order management and inventory that offers a combination of hardware and software support to help sales and production. Users can use their apps on their browser, desktop, and smartphones to manage sales and purchase orders and adjust the stock, and record products.

  • UpKeep:

UpKeep is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system. It is developed to be used on mobile devices, and subtitles for a range of manufacturers, construction, distributions, restaurants, food processing, and more.

  • WithoutWire:

As a WMS inventory platform, the WithoutWire is designed for complex inventory management. It also lets the users follow the level of short pick and particularly location pick directives.

  • Zoho Inventory:

This cloud-based inventory management software helps industries track inventory and assemble and execute sales and purchase orders. The features are inventory control, multi-channel selling, order management, warehouse management, and more.


Being a cloud-based software company, CartonCloud is extending to North America. However, there are various reasons why this is expanding for companies in the country. For example, CartonCloud will be capable of delivering its software to a huge range of customers such as the country of North America. However, we are all enthusiastic to discover what this cloud-based company will do tomorrow to assist industries to develop and achieve.

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