Health & fitness

Health is the source of all happiness. So keeping healthy and fit is important. Now first it’s important to know what is health and fitness.

Health: Health is this overall well-being about possible.  It has basically four components. They are the first physical: it is our body the ecology of the bodily system, second social: which is the connection of other people the team of skills, third emotions: how we actually care and what we feel, and lastly mental: how productive are our decisions, this is the quality of fault. Then we have improved and targeted all of these components even we can consider ourselves to be healthy. So it’s the all-around of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, it’s not just the absence of illness.

Fitness: Fitness is more linked with just physical aspects and it is called meetings demands on the environment. The demands of the environment put on our body as long as we can actually meet them physically without speed without injuries meet the demands with the environment we can call us fit, so the question should be what we fit for high-level sportspeople they need to be fit for high intensity to adjust the environment. For fitness, you need just to adapt to the environment.

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