A home is a place where we feel secure and comfortable. For many people home is strongly connected to their place of birth. Homeless people feel helpless, everyone who is homeless knows what it feels like to be homesick, to miss one’s home. Home is just not a shelter it gives us orientation and serves as a safe anchor in these fast-moving times. Many people who have been forced to leave their homes feel homeless.

A home is not just to be a physical place, a place where we feel comfortable with our family, as a member of society, as a friend, and a citizen. A place where we feel secure and comfortable and also where we feel deeply involved with our surroundings. If our environment is not supported or is damaged and unsafe we feel uncertain.

Your home should be a safe place, your home should be a space where you express yourself freely in your relationship or your marriage a place where you are not afraid a safe space where abuse is not involved so be physical, verbal, emotional no abuse is involved that is what I mean what I say your home should be a safe space. It’s a palace where you relieve yourself from burning outside.

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