Technology is all around us. Routine impacts in our daily life technology have a significant impact on how we live, work, and play. But a common definition of technology is left to many of us why it is important to bright a bit of definition to the term technology. Let’s take a look.
Technology is indicated in this model as a system of practical knowledge, and problem-solving to create tools. That means that technology is not necessarily reflected in things or hardware. Technology includes things like human language and efficiency both of which really just take ds and don’t have associated hardware or tools. So technologies are the ds or concept behind the tools we often associated with technology. The line isn’t always perfectly solid but it exists.
In today’s world, we tend to similar the word technology with the word gadget. In other words, any devices or tools that are new or interesting get labeled as technology. That’s probably not the best way to think about it. Where we talk about gadgets we are really talking about applied technology. Applied technology is the tools the gadgets or the gizmos created by technology. The technology behind the gadget is the system of thought that allowed the gadget to be created first place.

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