If you were scammed by CFD Globe, the only thing you want is to get reimbursed. And we will help you out to do precisely that. Follow this story till the end, and let’s get your money back.

What is a CFD Globe Broker?

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Since you’re reading this, let’s assume you already know CFD Globe. It’s an offshore online brokerage established in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2020. The brand itself is owned by Ilaros Group Ltd, whose official headquarters is in Estonia.

If having an offshore brand didn’t convince you it’s a scam, laundering money through Estonia will for sure. For further details, read our CFD Globe review.

How Can CFD Globe Take Your Money?

Unlike other brokers starting small and dragging their clients into scamming holes, CFD Globe does it all at once. Their initial deposit is 5,000 EUR, which is about 20 times higher than the standard. Besides, the broker offers unregulated leverage of up to 1:100, exposing your funds to too high risk.

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After you make your first investment, of course, you will be approached for more money. Despite having 5,000 EUR in your trading account, for scammers it’s never enough. From everything we’ve had a chance to hear and read in CFD Globe reviews, this broker targets clients with higher amounts of money and sells them insurance, savings accounts, and retirement funds.

They simply do not choose the tool to use for defrauding clients. And that’s the reason why so many people end up scammed and cannot get their funds back.

Once you request a withdrawal and submit your request, it will be denied. It can be due to lack of documentation (fake excuses, of course), new investment opportunities, and similar. If you insist too much, the broker will block access to your trading account, and you will never see a penny back.

If you recognize yourself in our story, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to help you retrieve your funds from scammers such as CFD Globe.

CFD Globe Warning

There have been a couple of regulatory warnings against CFD Globe brokerage. The first one was published by the Spanish CNMV, followed by the Italian CONSOB, Danish DFSA, and Belgium FSMA.

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As you can tell, all of the warnings are from the EU zone, showing us the main target of the CFD Globe scam. Do not accept any offers coming from this brokerage, and contact us if you suspect fraud.

What to Do If You Have Already Gotten into The Hands of a Scammer?

If you fall for the CFD Globe scam, do not be devastated. It happens a lot more often than you might think. Scam brokers have their sophisticated ways of defrauding clients. If you are a victim of CFD Globe or any other illicit brokerage, let us know immediately.

Our support team will book a free consultation to help you get your money back. Do not waste time. Act before it’s too late.

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