A circle would be a plane curved figure. Each and every point on the circle would be equidistant from a particular point which is termed as the center of a circle. It is available in the form of a 2D shape and its measurement is in the form of a radius. Circles and an outline of the inception are from the Greek word Kirkos meaning hoop or ring.

An in-depth analysis about circles and an outline

An in-depth analysis about circles

A circle appears to be a two-dimensional figure that is developed by a set of points. It would be at a constant or a fixed distance known as a radius from the centre that is the fixed point on the plane. A fixed point is known as the centre of the circle, and the fixed distance from the points from the origin is the radius.

Circle and their various components

Coming to a circle it is known to have the following points

Circle and their various components

  • Circumference- It is also referred to as the perimeter of the circle, as it is going to indicate the distance around the boundary of a circle
  • Diameter- it would be the straight line that passes through the centre which is going to connect a couple of points on the boundary of a circle. A point to consider is that there may be multiple diameters in a circle but they have to pass through the centre, follow a straight line, and need to touch the boundary at two circles.
  • Circle chords- a chord in a circle would be a line segment touching the circle at a unique point.
  • Area of a circle- the area of a circle is termed as the curve, which is the portion or side of the circumference.
  • Radius of a circle- a radius would be the distance between the centre of a circle to a point present on the boundary of the circle. A circle is known to possess various radius from the centre as it would touch the boundary of the circle at numerous points.
  • A tangent of a circle- the tangent of a circle is known to touch it at a unique point.
  • The segment of a circle- is an area that is enclosed by the chord, with a corresponding arc in a circle that is termed as a segment. There are a couple of segments which are the major segment and the minor segment.
  • The sector of a circle- a sector of a circle is being defined as the area that would be enclosed by two radius with a corresponding arc present in the article. Once again a minor and a major sector are present.
  • Secant in circles- the line which intersects a couple of points in the circumference of a circle is referred to as secant.

Circle and their properties

Circle and their properties

Below are mentioned some of the properties of a circle.

  • A couple of circles could be termed as concurrent if the radius is the same
  • An equal chord would be always equidistant which is from the centre of the circle
  • A tangent is drawn at a point where a diameter would meet the circle and would be parallel to each other.
  • A couple of circles are termed as tangent lines if they are going to touch each other at a specific point.

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